Income tax: the remainder to be paid from Monday

Income tax: the remainder to be paid from Monday

The first concerned have been aware since the heart of summer with the receipt of their tax notice. And, in these first days of autumn, they begin to pay off their debt to the tax authorities. Following the tax return of 2022 and the final calculation, some 9.6 million taxpayers owe the astronomical sum of 21.7 billion euros to the Public Treasury. That is to say on average 2,259 euros precisely per household concerned.

How is this explained? This scenario occurs when the amount deducted at source from income for the year 2022 was not sufficient to cover the entire tax due, in particular due to a significant increase in income. This can also happen when the advance reduction or tax credits received in January 2023 was too large.

If you are one of the taxpayers concerned, the amount due will be deducted in one go this Monday, September 25 if it is less than or equal to 300 euros. If your debt is higher, the sum will be taken in four installments of the same amount, with a first due date from September 25 and three others on October 26, November 27 and December 27.

Life changes to declare as soon as possible

On your bank account, the debit will be indicated by its origin, “DIRECTION GENERAL OF PUBLIC FINANCES”, and by its wording, “2022 INCOME TAX BALANCE”, followed by the invoice number.

Conversely, around 15.6 million taxpayers received a refund of 844 euros on July 24 or August 2, because, this time, the withholding tax carried out in 2022 proved to be too high. The particularly high number of people affected this year can be explained by the revaluation of the income tax scale, by 5.4%, faster for some than the change in their income.

In order to avoid as much as possible having a balance to pay next year, or at least to reduce its extent as much as possible, the General Directorate of Public Finances (DGFiP) recommends declaring any change in situation as quickly as possible. which could have an impact on your withholding tax rate. It may be a change in family situation (marriage, birth, etc.) or in professional life which impacts income (promotion, retirement, etc.). The modification can be made at any time online with the “manage my withholding tax” service on or at your public finance center.

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