Industrial Bank: Deeply explore the new blue ocean of the silver economy and do a good job in pension financing, a major article

Industrial Bank: Deeply explore the new blue ocean of the silver economy and do a good job in pension financing, a major article

  The pilot program of the personal pension system has reached its first anniversary. The Central Financial Work Conference held recently clearly stated that five major articles should be completed: technology finance, green finance, inclusive finance, pension finance, and digital finance. How financial institutions can do a good job in pension finance has become a hot topic in the market.

  As one of the first commercial banks to obtain the qualification to start personal pension business,ProsperitybankIt has built a full-link, one-stop pension financial service ecosystem to achieveAll-round configuration from “account” to “product” to “planning” and “service”. As of the end of September 2023,The bankA total of nearly 1,000 personal pension fund accounts have been opened3.86 million households, ranking at the forefront of the market.

  In recent years, as my country’s population aging process accelerates and the size of the elderly population continues to expand, the silver economy is becoming a new era.“Blue Ocean”. Statistics show that the proportion of my country’s population aged 65 and over has reached 14.9%. By around 2035, my country’s total elderly population will account for more than 30%, entering a stage of severe aging.

  Pension financial services are an important force in promoting the development of the silver economy.As a pioneer in domestic pension finance, Industrial Bank hasIn 2012, it took the lead in launching the comprehensive pension financial service plan “An Yu Life”.After more than ten years of intensive cultivation,at presenthas formedThe “An Yu Life” pension financial ecosystem is supported by “exclusive services, salary planning, value-added rights and activities platform”.Currently, Industrial BankElderly customers of pension financial services exceed23 million households.

  “The branches are equipped with many linked calling devices. We just click a call and the staff will come to help quickly. It is very convenient.” After experiencing the special elderly-friendly services of Jiaxing Branch, customer Mr. Wang praised it repeatedly. As financial service methods and channels become increasingly digital and online, it is urgent to improve the convenience of financial services for elderly customers.Offline, Industrial Bank continues to improve the service level of the software and hardware for the elderly at its outlets. Most of its outlets are equipped with barrier-free ramps, barrier-free parking spaces for motor vehicles, emergency call buttons, emergency help telephones and other elderly-friendly facilities, which are intelligently integrated in the halls. systemSet up for special groups such as the elderly“Special Number Picking”Features developed for elderly customers“Green Channel”.Online, Industrial Bank follows the four principles of simplicity, ease of use, stability and intelligence to build mobile banking“An Yu Edition” forms a companion experience with multi-sensory interaction of “seeing”, “listening” and “touching”, and won the “2021 Mobile Banking Best Aging-Adapted Innovation Award”.

  In addition, Industrial Bank has carried out nationwideDuring the “Respect for the Elderly Month” activity, 13 branches stood out in the second and third “National Respect for the Elderly Civilization Number” creation activities and won the honorary title of the National “Respect for the Elderly Civilization Number”, becoming the commercial bank with the most honors.

“In the future, Industrial Bank will continue to leverage its professional advantages in pension finance, thoroughly implement the spirit of the Central Financial Work Conference, and strive to build a comprehensive service system covering pension finance, service finance, and industrial finance, and do a good job in pension finance.” Industrial Bank The person in charge of the retail platform department said.

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