Inflation of 20 countries cannot catch up with the inflation in Turkey: Big gap! – Last Minute Economy News

Inflation of 20 countries cannot catch up with the inflation in Turkey: Big gap!  – Last Minute Economy News


CHP Manisa Deputy, member of the Turkish Grand National Assembly Planning and Budget Commission Vehbi BakırlıoğluToday, retirees, minimum wage earners, and low-income people who cry out that they cannot make ends meet are complaining about the high cost of living and the difficulty of making ends meet. Because in this high cost of living; The income generated lags behind the price increases and raises. Citizens cannot keep up with inflation” said.

Pointing out that those oppressed by inflation showed their justified reactions in the elections, Bakırlıoğlu said, “TÜİK announced the annual inflation for March as 68.50 percent. In March last year, annual inflation was 50.51 percent. “Inflation has been above 60 percent for 7 months,” he said.

Bakırlıoğlu, President Recep Tayyip ErdoğanInflation is a headache not only for us but for the whole world.“, pointing out that he said, “When we look at it, it seems that inflation is only our headache.” he commented. Pointing out that the average annual inflation of EU countries is 2.8 percent, Bakırlıoğlu continued as follows:

“Let’s look at the annual inflation figures announced by the EU Statistical Office EUROSTAT in February. Accordingly, among EU countries, the highest inflation is in Romania with 7.1 percent, and the lowest inflation is in Denmark and Latvia with 0.6 percent. The annual average inflation in EU countries is 2.8 percent. Last year, EU average inflation was 9.9 percent. The average inflation of the 20 countries in the eurozone is 2.6 percent. It dropped from 8.5 percent to 2.6 percent. As can be seen, there is a very serious decrease in EU countries. In our country, on the contrary, inflation is constantly increasing. There is a gap between us and EU countries. 68 percent and 2.8 percent cannot even be compared. We add up the inflation rates of the 20 countries in the Eurozone and make it 55.3. “The inflation of 20 countries is not as much as the inflation of Türkiye.”

Bakırlıoğlu, President Erdoğan’s “As if he is not responsible for high inflation” He pointed out that he was complaining about the situation. Pointing out that this is the situation that AKP has brought the country to in 22 years, Bakırlıoğlu said, “The country has become a ball of problems. On March 31; The retiree who cannot make ends meet, the tradesman who closed his shop before he could make a living, the farmer who could not keep up with the increases in diesel fuel and fertilizer, and the unemployed who lost their hope of looking for a job showed this government their first yellow card. Next up is a red card in the first general election” said.


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