Interest in second-hand cars has decreased

Interest in second-hand cars has decreased

There has been a stagnation in the second-hand vehicle market in recent months.

As citizens who will buy cars turn to new vehicles, second-hand cars also started to decline.

İhsan Açıkgöz, a car dealer in Düzce, stated that a new era has entered the second-hand vehicle market in the last year and said, “In the past, when buying a new vehicle and installing a license plate, there was a direct loss of 100-140 thousand TL. In order to avoid loss, the customer was buying a car with 1-2 thousand kilometers. “Now, this has turned into the opposite. New cars are very popular now, while old cars have started to lose their value,” he said.


Expressing that citizens are turning to new vehicles, Açıkgöz said, “There are some factors related to this issue. For example, dealers make a 2-3 percent increase every month. As such, the value of a car bought for 1 million increases when the price increase is made the next month. People’s priority was also a new vehicle. In the past, We could easily go to the industry to have a vehicle collected, we could have it built, we could have it repaired. Now, the costs have increased. People do not want to go to the industry because everything from the spare parts to the labor of the vehicles has increased. They do not want to spend 50-60 thousand liras after buying a car. When they do this, the value of the vehicle does not increase. “People are paying extra money out of their pockets,” he said.


Expressing that people who would buy a vehicle are no longer turning to loans due to the increase in interest rates, Açıkgöz said, “In the past, people were taking out loans. They did not pay much attention to the expenses of the car because they took out loans and did not pay money out of their pockets. They were buying vehicles with loans only because they did not have money out of their pockets. Nowadays, people invest their savings in the vehicle. This That’s why they turn to new vehicles in order to avoid spending money in the industry. Although this is a system we are not used to, it has actually been done in Europe for years. As the age of the vehicle increases, it does not become in demand in Europe. This situation is slowly starting to occur in Turkey. This is a new page in second hand. “It means it is opening,” he said.

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