Ipsos: GenZ’s attention for the “regenerating lifestyle” is growing

Ipsos: GenZ’s attention for the “regenerating lifestyle” is growing

For over two years, Knorra historic company in the food sector, is engaged in a global project of regenerative agriculture, a definition that includes a set of agricultural practices aimed at regenerating not only the soil, but also biodiversity and ecosystems. An approach that brings her closer to Generation Z, that of young people between 18 and 26 years old, who are particularly close to issues such as environmental protection and virtuous purchasing behaviour. The “regenerative” approach is a holistic approach, which embraces a series of behaviors ranging from separate waste collection to a preference for renewable energy. For this reason, the brand Unilever has commissioned to Ipsos research that would delve deeper into the relationship between the new Italian generations and the concept of regenerationespecially in the sectors ofagriculture and of thefood.

For 18 to 26 year olds, the concept of “regenerating lifestyle” is associated with both one’s own psycho-physical wellbeing (56%) and nature protection (51%). For 44% of them it is crucial to prefer food products produced with a minimal or even positive impact on the ecosystem. Moving on to the concreteness of daily choices, those interviewed first of all mentioned the importance of waste sorting (79%) and choosing sustainable food products (76%). However, agriculture is the sector perceived as most involved in regeneration (71%), followed by food (68%) and biotechnology and regenerative medicine (68%). Finally, confirming the strong sensitivity of young people towards ecological issues77% of those interviewed say they feel happy in choosing regenerative agriculture products, thus knowing they are contributing to the well-being of the environment.

So he comments Barbara Cavicchia, general manager nutrition of Unilever Italia: “The sensitivity of the new generations towards the environmental problems we are experiencing in this historical moment is evident. We know that to reduce the impact that our lifestyle has on the ecosystem we must also move towards a diet that is attentive to sustainability, as well as continually improve the way in which food is produced. Because of this Unilever is initiating numerous regenerative agriculture projects around the world, including the Knorr project in the rice fields of Pavia. These aim to involve and support farmers who are fundamental to the maintenance and virtuous development of the agricultural areas in which we grow our ingredients. Together with our network of soil and agricultural experts, we help suppliers to implement these practices, also supporting them in the development of monitoring and measurement systems for results. The Italian program has already given such encouraging results that it has led to the extension of these techniques for rice production to over 200 farmers in the area”.

To better raise awareness among young people on these issues, Knorr has collaborated with i The Kolors for a video of its new multi-channel campaign called “Regenerate your vibes”. The idea is to involve the cultural references of Generation Z, therefore on the one hand the musical group at the top of the charts and, on the other, two grandmothers, considered guardians of the culinary tradition and bearers of “good vibrations”. The video begins in the kitchen, with the grandmothers at the stoveand then moved to the Pavia rice fields, which Knorr has been cultivating for some years using regenerative agriculture methods.

“The biggest challenge was to identify a fresh, simple and distinctive narrative path that could tell a relevant and not at all simple theme, such as regenerative agriculture,” they say Alejandra Gumucio Urquidi and Elia Celottohead of the creative team of Edelman Italy who oversaw the project together with the Milanese production company Mercury Cinematographic and directors Danilo Carlani and Alessio Dogana. And they conclude: “To do this, we immersed ourselves totally in the culture, language and everyday life of the young generations, discovering their ambitions and hopes, but also worries and worries.”

The campaign plays with the concept of “regeneration” through a parallel between the problems of the Earth and those that young people face every day. Suggesting that adopting food choices in harmony with the environment helps to resolve both. As he explains Mariangela Capolupo, head of marketing Knorr Italia: “a plate of rice can be an easy and tasty solution to regenerate from the ‘hurts’ of everyday life and a good way to think about the planet, with the same ‘good vibes’ that a grandmother’s dish or our favorite song can give us back ”.

With regenerative agriculture refers to a set of agricultural practices that are inspired by traditional methods: la crop rotation, for example. Or even reduced tillage of the soil, which avoids excessive mechanical and chemical stress on the soil. An ancient approach, but updated with greater environmental awareness. The past that comes to the aid of the future. Like grandmothers with their grandchildren.

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