Is an interest rate cut coming? Economists commented on Karahan’s report

Is an interest rate cut coming?  Economists commented on Karahan’s report

In the first inflation report of the year, announced to the public today by Central Bank Governor Fatih Karahan, the end-2024 expectation was announced as 36 percent, the end-2025 expectation was 14 percent and the end-2026 expectation was 9 percent.

Economists were divided into two regarding Karahan’s presentation. Uğur Gürses While I liked the presentation, Özgür Demirtaş He warned of an ‘early interest rate cut’, referring to Karahan’s words, ‘We are not evaluating an additional interest rate increase at the moment’.

Economists’ shares are as follows:

Uğur Gürses: “President Fatih Karahan’s presentation of the Inflation Report is quite good in terms of content order and context.”

Özgür Demirtaş: “If the Central Bank cuts interest rates EARLIER than it should, it would spoil a whole bag of figs. I wish them not to do it.”

Tunç Şatıroğlu: “‘We do not currently evaluate the need for an additional interest rate increase.’

The fight against inflation is here. “Continue the negative real interest rate.”

Veysel Ulusoy: “Is there a report on inflation that is measured correctly but presented incorrectly? The central bank report has no economic meaning unless the 8th floor of the TURKSTAT building is opened for inspection.”

Hakan Kara: “The main message given by the Central Bank today: The inflation trend is going better than we expected. We think that we will reach the year-end inflation target by keeping the interest rate at 45 percent. I hope they are right.”

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