It concerns millions of vehicle owners: Hurry, last 9 days

It concerns millions of vehicle owners: Hurry, last 9 days

The additional MTV regulation, made due to the financing need arising from the earthquakes centered in Kahramanmaraş, was brought to the Constitutional Court (AYM). The Constitutional Court unanimously rejected the request for the cancellation of the regulation requiring additional MTV. Following this decision, all eyes turned to the late payment interest rate and the second installment period.

The first installment of the additional MTV was due by September 6. Approximately 13.2 billion lira revenue was generated in the first installment period, and 87 percent of the targeted collection was met. The payment period for the second installment will end on November 30.

Payments can be made through the ‘’ website of the Revenue Administration, the Interactive Tax Office and the Revenue Administration Mobile application, from bank accounts with credit or debit cards of contracted banks, from branches, via mobile, telephone and internet banking. Additionally, payments can be made to tax office cashiers and PTT branches.

Sale and transfer will not be possible

For the sale and transfer of vehicles, MTV and additional MTV must be paid. Vehicle inspections will not be carried out, and withdrawals from traffic, scrapping, and therefore registration closure will not be carried out.

MTV delay interest rates increased

With this new regulation, which came into force as of November 14, 2023, the late payment interest rate applied to public receivables was increased from 2.5 percent to 3.5 percent.

This increase will be applied to tax debts to be paid to the state, in addition to the revaluation rates determined based on TUIK’s inflation data. This rate, which will be valid for all unstructured and past due debts, has been determined to cover many public debts, especially traffic fines, passport and driver’s license fees.

According to the notification published in the Official Gazette, the late payment interest, which was last increased by 1 percent to 2.5 percent on July 21, 2022, was increased to 3.5 percent as of November 14, 2023.

With this change, citizens who have particularly high traffic debts will face 3.5 percent interest if they do not pay their debts on time.

The government made changes to the interest and delay increases applied to administrative fines, tax debts and other public receivables. With the decision published in the Official Gazette, the deferred interest rate applied to public debt payments was increased from 24 percent to 36 percent. Postponement interest refers to the additional cost applied to the buyer if the debt is not paid on maturity.

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