It has undertaken 205 projects that have been completed completely in 50 years.

It has undertaken 205 projects that have been completed completely in 50 years.

Speaking at the 50th anniversary event he organized with his relatives, Erdoğan Bayraktar, the founder of Bayraktar İnşaat, shared information about his 50 years of working life in the private sector, bureaucracy and as a Minister. Erdoğan Bayraktar, who said in his speech that the thing he attaches most importance to is “giving trust and gaining trust”, said: “We have produced various industrial sites, holiday sites and cooperative buildings, especially housing. “We completed all the projects we started and received its occupancy,” he said.

50th anniversary is crowned with 5 projects, a farm and social responsibility projects

Bayraktar, who informed that they were carrying out a large project opposite Ankara Etlik City Hospital, which was on their agenda, received from Yenişehir Building Cooperative in return for a flat, spoke as follows about their prominent projects:

“Our ongoing construction in Ankara is a very large project. We will give 1,290 houses to the cooperative that owns the land. We will finish and deliver the houses of the members as soon as possible. We have sold about 300 flats so far. A construction with a total of 3,000 houses and 2 bazaars, it is a nice project. We want to carry out the construction with high quality and finish it as soon as possible.

Again, we completed a magnificent training complex at Kartal Samandıra Junction in Istanbul. We would also like to evaluate the educational campus in Sancaktepe, which could be a Vocational and Technical High School and has a guesthouse, dormitory, lodgings and a large workshop. We have completed an office building in Koşuyolu and are in the sales process. We are building 17 villas in Silivri Selimpaşa. We have a beautiful farm in Kırklareli-Demircihalil village. We carry out dairy farming and agriculture with Jersey breed cattle. “The mosque and social complex that we have brought to the completion stage in Pazarkapı, in the center of Trabzon, is our most important responsibility.”

Erdoğan Bayraktar, who also explained the work they carried out in the 50-year period, stated that they have implemented many projects, leaving a respectable and reliable legacy in the business world. Emphasizing that Bayraktar İnşaat stood out with its social projects for the benefit of society in this period, Erdoğan Bayraktar said, “We have always been a pioneer and an example to the sector.”

Erdoğan Bayraktar, Founder of Bayraktan İnşaat, said the following in his speech at the 50th anniversary reception, where his family, relatives, business partners, distinguished participants from the industry and the world of politics were present:

“As Erdoğan Bayraktar, I have done a lot of work for half a century. In the construction industry; mostly around Fatih, Şehremini, Topkapı, Kaleiçi and Lunapark; Also in Kocamustafapaşa, İkitelli and Eskişehir; We have completed many projects such as residences, holiday sites, industrial sites and cooperatives and received their permits. When our customer, who is going to buy a house, finds out that we did the construction, he says ‘Erdoğan BAYRAKTAR keeps his promise and completes the job he undertakes’ and gives the money and leaves. This is giving trust, gaining trust. “Thank God a thousand times.”

Success report of Bayraktar İnşaat

According to the information provided by Bayraktar, Bayraktar İnşaat has completed 205 different projects in 50 years. All of these projects, 172 of which are residences, 5 of which are industrial and factory, 14 of which are commercial-business centers, and 6 of which are educational facilities, are of private sector origin; All 8 are social responsibility projects.

Projects with a total construction area of ​​1.8 million m2 in 50 years; It was held in Istanbul, Trabzon, Eskişehir, Kırklareli, Balıkesir, Hatay (İskenderun) and Ankara.

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