it supports SMEs but also individuals

it supports SMEs but also individuals


His very young one-person business, Vous et moi, is focused on two types of service. In the first chapter, Émilie Carra Galéa talks about marketing and business communication. “I can draw on my experience in urban transport and culture. I am targeting small and medium-sized businesses. I bring them strong and solid ideas; also values. My job is to highlight yours. This concept draws the image that we will preserve.”

“We are in the human”

With the second chapter, Émilie Carra Galéa intervenes in a more personal area. This is mental discharge. “This concerns everyone, women but also men who don’t always have the time to take care of themselves. This may concern the development of weekly menus, assistance in compiling administrative files or even support in obtaining retirement, for example. » In summary: find a way out of the difficulty encountered, which is sometimes insoluble.

In all cases, Émilie Carra Galéa can rely on her human and economic network. At each stage of her profession, Émilie Carra Galéa confirms this: “We are in the human aspect. Today, after years of advising in many areas, I am looking for rich moments and projects. »

In addition to these exciting jobs, the mother of three children took on the presidency of the Sou des écoles at the Hessel school. Energy we tell you, good energy.

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