It’s a pity that my writing skills are mediocre and I can’t write about China Life’s year – Times Finance – Northern Net

It’s a pity that my writing skills are mediocre and I can’t write about China Life’s year – Times Finance – Northern Net


The grass is growing and the orioles are flying in February, and we have reached the threshold of another financial year. At this time, the whistling of time seems to be particularly fierce. On March 27, China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. released its 2023 annual results, using a series of solid data to deliver a solid report card.

But in addition to the data, there are also some stories and data that will not be disclosed in the financial report, hidden in the daily services of Homecoming. Every time I mention it, I always feel that my pen is not strong enough to accurately convey the warmth and kindness behind the message. At this moment, we use the Internet celebrity’s sentence “It’s a pity that my writing skills are mediocre…” as the title, trying to make a final look back at the 2023 fiscal year that has just passed.

It’s a pity that my writing skills are mediocre and I can’t write the moving melody of “Walking in the Light”

This year, changes have accelerated, what was supposed to be has become what is, and of course it has become what is. Many people have encountered “black swan” events in work and life, and their lives have been repeatedly affected by uncertainties. On days when dark clouds cover the stars, insurance services are like a glimmer of light, igniting a fire, condensing warmth, breaking through the darkness of night, and warming the future for those who are moving forward.

  Some light comes from the warmth of long-term care insurance.Ms. Sheng from Hailing District, Taizhou City suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and high blood pressure. Her hands and feet are severely deformed, her joints cannot bend, and she is bedridden for a long time. The community grid member recommended his family to apply for long-term care insurance assessment at China Life, and since then he has enjoyed door-to-door service every other day. “They take good care of my sister like a family member. She washes her hair every other day. Now her bed sores are gone and she is no longer constipated.” If disability brings dark clouds over a family, long-term care insurance is like a meter of sunshine. , dispel the anxiety and darkness with bright warmth, and regenerate light and heat in the heart.

  Some of the light comes from critical illness insurance, which provides timely help.Ramojie from Maqin County, Goluo Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, was diagnosed with uremia when he was 19 years old. He later underwent surgery and was replaced with a kidney from his mother. In order to treat him, the family sold their cattle and sheep and spent all their savings. After the operation, he needs to take anti-rejection drugs for a long time, and the medical expenses will cost about 100,000 yuan in a year. After learning about the situation, the relevant local departments applied for critical illness insurance for him, and 90% of his hospitalization expenses were reimbursed, which greatly reduced the pressure on family medical expenses. Cai Zhongji, an employee of China Life Insurance Maqin Branch, serves as a medical insurance window auditor and often conducts audits for Ramojie. Watching his condition gradually improve, I feel really happy for him, and I increasingly appreciate the value of my work.

  Some of the light comes from the warmth conveyed by Puhui Insurance.“‘Xihu Yi Lian Bao’ is really good. It only cost 150 yuan and can reimburse so much.” Ms. Pang, 66, of Yuhang District, Hangzhou, suffered a sudden acute cholecystitis in 2023, and later suffered from acute pancreatitis, and was hospitalized for nearly 10 years. In 4 months, the total medical expenses amounted to 540,000 yuan. When she was discharged from hospital, not only was the medical insurance fund reimbursed 300,000 yuan, but the “Xihu Yilianbao” she had purchased earlier paid out a claim of more than 150,000 yuan, which relieved her by more than half of her out-of-pocket burden. Puhui Insurance has established a new protection mechanism of “mutual assistance, poverty prevention and poverty alleviation, and shared prosperity”, creating a “golden business card” of people-benefiting insurance projects with local characteristics and win-win results for all parties.

A guarantee dissipates the trivial matters and worries in the world; a care warms the quiet time; a sincerity brings vitality and hope back to the gloomy life… We cannot predict when risks will come to us, but we will do our best We will do our best to ease the pain of the family when an accident strikes and provide them with peace of mind.

  It’s a pity that my writing is mediocre. I can’t describe the joy of showing my face instead of frowning, and I can’t describe the warmth of tears turning into smiles. I only hope to continue to expand the boundaries of the light of insurance, give perseverance to the original intention, and make seriousness come true. In the last 365 days, we chased the light and met each other, and in the next 365 days, we walked in the light.

2. It’s a pity that my writing skills are mediocre and I can’t describe the firm steps of working together.

Rural, a word with its own warmth, is the root of countless Chinese people. If the nation is to be rejuvenated, the countryside must be revitalized. This year, China Life, with the heart of being “the great one in the country”, traveled back and forth across the rural land where time and space intertwined. When every drop of sweat turned into real numbers, what was presented in front of us was no longer just the scenery, but the history of the times. Take responsibility.

  Adhere to industrial revitalization and exchange “economic index” for “happiness index”. China Life has prepared “local specialties” according to local conditions, and through the development of rural industries, it has injected a steady stream of strong energy into rural revitalization.The fragrant waxy corn from Da Liu No. 6 Town, Ulanqab, Inner Mongolia, the small turmeric from Qixing Village, Qingyuan, Guangdong, and Lishui Sand from Zhejiang


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