Jackpots at the beginning of March | Economic News

Jackpots at the beginning of March |  Economic News

With less than 50 days left until the local elections, the agenda of the Turkish Grand National Assembly General Assembly has also intensified. While the 8th Judicial Package is expected to be presented to the Speaker of the Parliament within the week, a regulation that will increase retirement bonuses is expected to be added to the bill that will give housewives the right to retire. It is planned that the Parliament will implement the legal regulations before the beginning of March.


New details have begun to emerge regarding the increase in retirement bonuses announced by the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Vedat Işıkhan. In this context, the Ministry of Treasury and Finance began to examine budget possibilities to increase the amount of bonuses given to retirees on religious holidays, whose number is expected to reach 16 million 400 thousand by the end of 2024. While an increase between 50 percent and 150 percent in bonuses is expected, it was learned that the net figure will be revealed after the Treasury’s study.

It was reported that the regulation in question will be put on the agenda of the Parliament until the beginning of March. According to the information obtained, the regulation will either be submitted to the Presidency of the Parliament together with the law that will provide retirement rights for housewives, or it will become law with a motion to be submitted during the discussions of the legislative proposals submitted to the General Assembly. It was reported that the Parliament, which is expected to close at the beginning of March, will remain closed until mid-April due to the Eid al-Fitr, and that the regulation will be prepared as soon as possible and forwarded to the AK Party Parliamentary Group. The parliament will have a busy economic agenda starting this week. Retirees are also watching the process closely.


The health-related proposal will also come to the agenda of the General Assembly after the mining proposal becomes law. According to this proposal, dentists will be able to employ dentists in oral and dental health offices. Emergency medicine majors will be able to specialize in intensive care subspecialties, and pediatricians will be able to specialize in social pediatrics subspecialties. The number of contracted positions will be increased from 27 thousand to 36 thousand in places where there is difficulty in recruiting personnel in the field of health.


On the other hand, the General Assembly will discuss two legislative proposals containing regulations in the fields of energy and health this week. According to the energy law proposal, also known as the mining law, natural gas produced locally and imported from different sources can be liquefied in Turkey and marketed as LNG to the world markets. Projects prepared to increase energy efficiency will be supported by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources at a maximum of 30 percent of their cost, provided that it does not exceed 15 million liras. RES and SPP can be installed in seas, dam lakes, artificial lakes and natural lakes, except for reservoirs and wetlands where drinking water is provided.

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