Jeff Bezos buys third villa near Miami – Economy

Jeff Bezos buys third villa near Miami – Economy

If you think about it, it’s not that easy not Neighbor of Jeff Bezos to be – at least if you are as wealthy as the Amazon founder. The magazine Architectural Digest last year unveiled Bezos’s fabulous residence portfolio worth more than $500 million: the house in Seattle on Lake Washington that he bought shortly after founding Amazon and in which he spent most of his private time until recently – he had enough space because he also bought the neighboring house in the Medina area in 2010. Neighbor: Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Or the apartments in the legendary building The Century in the posh Lincoln Square area of ​​Manhattan: he bought three from record boss Tommy Mottola (Sony); He later added more, so that he now owns 1,800 square meters of living space in the house where actress Carol Lawrence, architect Robert Stern and former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull also live.

Or the villa in Beverly Hills with neighbors Jay Leno, Bruce Springsteen and David Beckham. Or another Beverly Hills mansion that belonged to music mogul David Geffen and which Bezos bought for $165 million in 2020 – and in which the wooden floor is laid, on which Napoleon once asked for Josephine’s hand in marriage. Or the magnificent building in Washington (the neighbors: Michelle and Barack Obama), the ranch in Texas (where the base of his space company Blue Origin is) or the palace on the island of Maui – where Woody Harrelson, Jim Carrey or Oracle founder Larry Ellison Residences own.

Jeff Bezos speaks of an “emotional decision”

Or the two mega-villas on the island of Indian Creek near Miami, where football star Tom Brady, singer Julio Iglesias and billionaires Eddie Lampert, Jeffrey Soffer and Jaime Gilinski also live. One cost $68 million and the other $79 million.

“It’s an emotional decision,” Bezos wrote on Instagram after the purchase last year: “I’ve lived in Seattle longer than anywhere else. I’ve had so many great moments there; the city will always have a special place in my heart .” However, he and his wife Lauren Sánchez fell in love in Miami.

Bezos has now shown how great love must be with the purchase of a third villa in the so-called “Billionaire Bunker”, as the area is also called because of its extremely rich residents – this time for 90 million dollars. It’s a move that apparently also causes people to turn up their noses. There are only 41 homes on Indian Creek, and Bezos now owns three of them; It is said that he wants to live in his current purchase until the buildings on the other properties are demolished and rebuilt. It is also said that many rich people would have liked to become neighbors of Bezos, Brady and Iglesias – and now feel duped.

But according to Bezos, the real reason for moving to Miami is the new neighbors, in this case his parents Miguel and Jacklyn Gise. “They’ve always been supportive, and they recently moved to Miami. I just want to live as close to them as possible.” Who else could be mad at Bezos?

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