Jiaduobao integrates into the hot “cultural tourism craze” to create a new way of cultural marketing

Jiaduobao integrates into the hot “cultural tourism craze” to create a new way of cultural marketing

Since last year, tourism in many cities, represented by Zibo, Harbin, and Tianshui, has “exited” tourism, drawing much attention to the development of the cultural tourism industry. Cultural and tourism departments across the country are “bringing goods” to each other, showing off their own special products, delicacies, etc., to further revitalize local cultural assets and attract national consumer traffic.

It is worth mentioning that in this wave of “food + culture and tourism”, it is not only the special food of those cities that has become popular, but also forward-looking commercial brands. For example, Jiaduobao, which has delivered outstanding results in the CNY brand marketing in the Year of the Dragon, has continued to integrate its “characteristics” into special delicacies from various places as a mainstream consumer product in public life. Recently, as a partner of Tianshui Malatang, Jiaduobao has also frequently appeared in front of the public, inviting more consumers to travel together, discover the charm of the city, and enjoy authentic food.

Now is an era that pays attention to scene marketing, and “scene is king” everywhere. For the FMCG beverage industry, catering is undoubtedly an excellent and suitable channel that integrates the “three scenes in one” of communication, interaction and consumption. Judging from Jiaduobao’s deep involvement in the catering scene, by combining it with special delicacies such as spicy and delicious food, it not only highlights the product advantages of “drinking Jiaduobao if you are afraid of getting angry”, but also subtly cultivates the “Jiaduobao + characteristics” “Food” CP mentality.

These can be seen from Jiaduobao’s long-term marketing activities. Judging from the most familiar store exploration mode, Jiaduobao’s food carnival activities are linked with many gourmet restaurants across the country. By leading young people to visit stores in various places, they can discover and experience the special delicacies of different cities and connect with more young people. Mingle. In this process, “localized” specialty food is a prominent feature. Jiaduobao has opened up a “sinking market” that forms a CP with food through cooperation with local specialty restaurants and mainstream media – Jiaduobao is composed of This strengthens its active role in the catering market. At the same time, Jiaduobao, as a fast-moving consumer beverage brand, stimulates the vitality of local catering consumption through youthful brand marketing interaction and helps the catering economy of one party.

Based on the most familiar catering model, Jiaduobao’s innovation is based on the judgment of the macro environment and the forward-looking insight into consumer needs: people pursue spiritual gains on the basis of satisfying material experience, and also require brand marketing Rich in connotation. In recent years, urban cultural genes have appeared in the CP combination of Jiaduobao and gourmet food – not only to discover food, but also to explore culture, achieve cultural confidence in the new era, and invite consumers to “cheer China” together. In this way, it has jumped out of the category of urban IP, but has linked more social forces and begun to extend to “food culture IP”, and its height has been highlighted.

This high level is reflected in the fact that Jiaduobao has played its role in the development of cultural tourism in the entire city through its own efforts and achieved a leap in cultural marketing. Through the window of food, Jiaduobao uses this as a fulcrum to attract the public to discover the natural humanity behind food, as well as the inheritance and changes of more traditional folk culture, and uses the senses to present the charm of the city and the richness and diversity of Chinese culture. . This is the same logic as after Tianshui Malatang became popular, people discovered Tianshui and other cultural attractions such as Maiji Mountain and Fuxi Temple because of the delicious food. The popularity of Malatang has driven the entire Tianshui Cultural Tourism industry out of the circle. The popularity of Jiaduobao, through the lever of catering, has stimulated the activity of cultural tourism in the entire city.

Looking at this wave of traffic in Zibo, Harbin, Tianshui and other cities, it is not difficult to find the fulcrum role played by food. For example, Zibo’s “three-piece set”, Harbin frozen pears, iron pot stew, Tianshui Malatang, etc. To a certain extent, food is traffic.

These food scenes are familiar to Jiaduobao. More importantly, in the catering scene, Jiaduobao also needs to be a cultural inheritor.

From the earliest gourmet store exploration in the food carnival event to now in-depth folk customs, annual customs and other activities, Jiaduobao has already found its own position in diverse scenes – not only as a leading brand of herbal tea, but also to a greater extent. It exists as an indispensable symbol.

In this narrative logic, Jiaduobao’s role goes beyond the positioning of fast-moving drinks, but becomes an active factor in the cultural tourism economy, contributing “Jiaduobao’s power” to economic recovery and consumption prosperity, and is committed to The effect of brand revitalization on the market is achieved in greater social benefits – the prosperity of culture and tourism means the prosperity of consumption, which in turn promotes the prosperity of the economy!

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