Job: due to lack of candidates, he hires his father… who is 74 years old!

Job: due to lack of candidates, he hires his father… who is 74 years old!

“We can’t take it anymore. We invested, the business is doing wonderfully. But we are desperate lack of labor. And I have no choice but to hire members of my family, including my father who is… 74 years old! » Nicolas Desseroir, 36, is the head of the Pulsat company, specializing in plumbing, heating and multimedia and based in Saint-Hilaire-du-Harcouët, in the Sleeve.

“It’s out of desire, not out of compulsion”

Despite an overflowing order book, the company is hampered in its progress by these enormous recruitment difficulties. Hence this hiring, which is unusual to say the least. “I regularly spoke to my father about this situation which is becoming really problematic. And one day he said to me: Make me a contract and I’ll give you a hand! I immediately gave him a fixed-term contract as a warehouse worker and he now comes two days a week to manage deliveries and storage. This frees up valuable time for me to do other tasks. I’m delighted that we’re working together. »

And it’s clearly reciprocal, as Marc, Nicolas’s father, a retired truck driver and now a septuagenarian warehouse worker, explains: “It’s a change from trucks. And it keeps you in shape. Above all, it is out of desire and never out of constraint. I’m not the type to sit in front of the TV. I always wanted my retirement to be active. We age slower! “, he assures. The fact remains that even his hiring does not meet all the staffing needs. Before his father, Nicolas had already hired his sister and his nephew. But it still needs a heating engineer and a technician. “If this continues,” he sighs, “I will be forced to throw in the towel because of that, even though we have work to do…”

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