Kazakhstan’s Halyk Bank has stopped servicing Mir cards – Kommersant

Kazakhstan’s Halyk Bank has stopped servicing Mir cards – Kommersant


One of the largest banks in Kazakhstan, Halyk Bank, has finally stopped servicing Mir cards on February 27. Service has been suspended both through ATMs and POS terminals.

“The last change was on February 27, Mir cards are no longer serviced,” the agency was told TASS at the Halyk Bank call center.

Halyk Bank limited the service of Russian Mir cards in the spring of 2022. It allowed payments to be made through POS terminals, but without the ability to withdraw cash. In December 2022, payments were suspended.

Currently, VTB’s subsidiary continues to service Mir cards in Kazakhstan. It is possible to open a card only in the national currency – tenge.

Today it became known that in the coming days the “World” cards will stop serve in Kyrgyzstan. March 30 service of Mir cards stopped banks participating in the ArCa payment system of Armenia.

In February, the operator of the Mir payment system, the National Payment Card System (NSCP), came under US sanctions. In NSPC talkedthat the restrictions will not affect the operation of services in Russia, foreign banks make decisions on working with cards independently.

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