Labor anticipates the distribution of funds for Active Employment Policies

Labor anticipates the distribution of funds for Active Employment Policies


The Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, has chaired the LXXXIV Sectoral Conference on Employment and Labor Affairs, where the allocation of state resources for actions to prevent occupational risks and active employment policies in the year 2024 has been approved. streamline support to the autonomous communities, the conference has been brought forward, thus allowing the disbursement of 1,800,372,721 euros to address its immediate commitments. Another meeting will be held soon to complete the distribution of funds.

Of this total, 633 million euros will be specifically directed to combat unemployment among people over 52 years of age.

During the conference, there was also a debate with the autonomous communities on the Draft Royal Decree that develops the Common Portfolio of Services of the National Employment System and the guaranteed services established in Law 3/2023, of February 28, on Employment, as well as the Protocol for the Identification of Good Practices in the National Employment System, with the aim of advancing the improvement of public employment systems.

Yolanda Díaz emphasized the importance of the meeting in her speech “I would like to begin with a collective congratulation for the good progress of this conference. I believe that we are an example of institutional dialogue and agreement between governments of different colors to jointly develop policies that matter to citizens. “I want to thank you for your effort and collaboration.”

The collaboration between the parties was manifested in the votes, which received practically unanimous support in the distribution of funds. Only the community of Castilla y León abstained from the Occupational Risk Prevention item.while the Valencian Community voted against the distribution of funds for Active Employment Policies.


Regarding the amounts assigned, a total of 1,800,372,721 euros were allocated from the funds of the State Public Employment Service (SEPE), in accordance with the provisions of Law 31/2022, of December 23, on General State Budgets for the year 2023, extended to 2024.

Consequently, the autonomous communities will immediately receive 70% of the corresponding funds according to the criteria established at the Sectoral Conference held in April 2023, thus maintaining an increase of 6.49% compared to the amount for 2022.

Furthermore, following the proposal of the Board of Trustees of the Spanish Foundation for the Prevention of Occupational Risks, at the Sectoral Conference on Employment and Labor Affairs, which has the authority to approve the distribution of funds intended for subsidies for actions related to the prevention of occupational risks, a total budgetary provision of 11,390,000 euros for ordinary shares in this area at the territorial level.


Besides 633 million euros allocated to the group of people over 52 years of age, specific quantitative objectives have been established by autonomous community. These objectives are focused on improving employability and strengthening the professionalization of career guidance personnel throughout the network of public employment services.

To this end, the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy, through the State Public Employment Service, will promote the design and financing of an initial and continuing training program. This program aims to professionalize and consolidate the skills of the personnel in charge of career guidance, thus strengthening the employment system and promoting the labor insertion of citizens.



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