‘Labor law’ statement from Minister Vedat Işıkhan

‘Labor law’ statement from Minister Vedat Işıkhan

Minister of Labor and Social Security Vedat Işıkhan met with business people in the city in Mardin.

In his speech, Işıkhan claimed that there are comprehensive studies to reduce the ‘difficulties’ faced by employers and said:

“Look, today we have reached a level that can be exemplary in the world in employment, social security, exports, defense industry and tourism. In the 2023 TÜİK data to be announced in March, the highest labor force participation rates and employment rates, both in general, for women and for young people, have been recorded since 2002. “We are waiting for the rates. At this point, we are working extensively to reassure you, reduce the difficulties faced by our employers and alleviate the bureaucratic burden.”

Işıkhan spoke as follows about the ongoing work for the new labor law:

“With our incentives and supports, we contribute to the growth of your businesses and increased employment. The Turkish Century is a long-term vision that requires the support of everyone, men, women, young and old. We are currently in the process of strengthening and revising our labor law. We will further strengthen the legislation and contribute to labor peace, social dialogue, “We will make Turkey’s working life worthy of our century-old vision by contributing positively to the employment and labor market trends.”


On the other hand, Kocaeli University Department of Labor Economics and Industrial Relations faculty member Prof. said last month that “the attempt to unify labor laws under a single law is an artificial agenda.” Dr. Aziz Çelik stated, “The main purpose is to make the labor legislation more flexible. The method is unlawful. The Legal Policies Board is not authorized regarding labor laws.”

Continuing his words, Çelik said, “As a matter of fact, speaking at the Joint Sharing Forum organized by the Confederation of Turkish Employer Associations (TİSK) on January 6, 2024, President Erdoğan announced that work was carried out on the working life legislation within the HPK and said, ‘We are working to eliminate the confusion in the legislation. “Productivity will increase with the law,” he said. How my productivity will increase with the “single labor law” is a complete mystery!” he said.

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