Leading industry changes, Qiteng Robot releases new explosion-proof quadruped robot

Leading industry changes, Qiteng Robot releases new explosion-proof quadruped robot


On April 2, Qiteng Robot Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Qiteng Robot”) held the “New Titanium University with Potential – Explosion-proof Four-legged New Product Launch” at the National Convention Center in Beijing. Su Bo, former vice minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and director of the National Intelligent Manufacturing Expert Committee, former deputy director of the State Administration of Work Safety, former leader of the Emergency Management Expert Group of the State Council, former deputy director of the Expert Committee of the National Disaster Reduction Commission, and former counselor of the State Council Shan Chun More than 200 experts and entrepreneurs in the industry, including Chang Chang, Liu Jinchang, a researcher at the High Technology Center of the National Natural Science Foundation of China of the Ministry of Science and Technology, attended the event.

At the press conference, the highly anticipated explosion-proof quadruped robot was officially unveiled. Interviewers saw at the scene that the explosion-proof quadruped robot looks like a “steel tiger” and is about half a person tall. It is wearing a technological “war armor” and can walk vertically and horizontally and turn 360° on the spot. According to reports, this explosion-proof quadruped robot was independently developed by Qiteng Robot. It is currently the only product in the world that can be mass-produced and has obtained an explosion-proof certificate. It has two unique advantages: high explosion-proof level and strong load capacity. It has two unique advantages in gait control and navigation. It also has obvious advantages in aspects such as inspection algorithm and inspection algorithm.

In terms of explosion protection, the explosion-proof quadruped robot uses a combination of 4 explosion-proof design methods to meet the national IIB T4 Gb explosion-proof level. It is highly safe and can be used in Class II explosion-proof scenes such as petroleum and chemical industries and various complex ground environments. It has strong adaptability. ; In terms of load capacity, the explosion-proof quadruped robot has a curb weight of 149kg, a sustainable working time of up to 3 hours, and a rated load capacity of 100kg. It can carry or mount a variety of equipment to achieve diversified inspection, transportation and operation services.

Xiang Ming, Vice President of Qiteng Robotics

The press conference also announced the price of the explosion-proof quadruped robot. Customers can choose to rent it on a monthly basis or purchase it directly. The first batch of ordering benefits such as a long warranty, experience bonus, free system upgrade, and exclusive replacement service were also given on site. “Gift package”.

With the release of the explosion-proof quadruped robot, Qiteng Robot has also ushered in a new development cycle. At the scene, the relevant person in charge of Qiteng Robot elaborated on the next step of brand strategic development direction, proposing to use the new brand to promote simultaneous upgrades of new technologies, new products, and new services, focusing on new product plans, new technology research and development plans, new strategic partner plans, etc. The key direction is to build a product line based on explosion-proof quadruped robots based on the original product matrix of wheeled, crawler, and rail-mounted inspection robots, and build a full-aware, full-scenario, full-intelligent robot ecosystem; increase technological innovation , iteratively optimize the design, accelerate the integration of quadruped robots and artificial intelligence, and create a large multi-modal model of the industry; establish global ecological partners to achieve win-win cooperation and other goals.

Hu Xiaodong, head of Qiteng Robot Innovation R&D Department

In recent years, the intelligent robot industry has been booming. Policy support and market popularity have continued to rise. The state has coordinated funds, resources and other aspects to provide support. This is both an opportunity and a challenge. In the face of industry trends, many domestic technology companies are boldly moving forward.

As early as ten years ago, Qiteng Robots planned ahead, laid out ahead of schedule, seized growth and cross-border opportunities, put customers at the center, used innovation to build differentiated competitive advantages, and always insisted on winning with quality. In the field of explosion-proof intelligent inspection robots It has opened up a world of its own and is firmly at the forefront of the industry.

Yang Bo, Executive Vice President of Qiteng Robotics

The launch of the explosion-proof quadruped robot is a milestone breakthrough for Qiteng Robot. The product’s innovative breakthroughs in explosion-proof, electrostatic joints and other technologies are also milestone events in the explosion-proof inspection robot industry. In the future, it is believed that its strong environmental adaptability will enable complete unmanned inspections in special environments, greatly promote the safety and intelligent development of special scenarios in the petroleum and petrochemical industry, and push the industry towards a higher level of intelligence.

Important guests, industry figures, and leading companies gathered at the scene. Many experts also conducted in-depth interpretations on hot topics from multiple key perspectives such as cutting-edge innovative technologies and market development trends, exploring industry development trends in multiple dimensions, and providing guidance for the explosion-proof inspection robot industry. Bring a technological feast.


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