Life Certificate: Time for pensioners to give life certificate is over, if you miss it then know what are the rules

Life Certificate: Time for pensioners to give life certificate is over, if you miss it then know what are the rules

Life Certificate: Retired pensioner employees of State Government and Central Government are required to submit life certificate by 30th November. Pension receiving employees have to submit the life certificate annually to the pension granting institution. According to the rules, super senior citizens i.e. people above 80 years of age have to submit life certificate between October 1 and November 30. Whereas, senior citizens between 60 years to 79 years have been instructed to submit life certificate between 1st to 30th November. However, if you have not submitted your life certificate by 30th November then there is no need to panic too much. You can still submit your life certificate. There will be some problem in this that you will either not get pension in the month of December or life certificate Can do after deposit. That is, after giving the certificate, your pension will be resumed.

What to do after the deadline is over

The deadline for giving life certificate has ended on Thursday. In such a situation, the pensioner should contact the bank to give the life certificate. However, many options are being given by the government for giving life certificate. Actually, life certificate is asked by the government so that it remains on record whether the pensioners are alive or not. Pensioners will face problems if they do not submit the life certificate on time. Until his life certificate comes, he will not get his pension. However, after submitting the certificate, the entire money will be sent directly to the account along with the arrears. In such a situation, you should avoid the problem of stoppage of pension.

How to submit life certificate

Many types of facilities are being provided by the government to provide life certificates to pensioners. If a pensioner cannot go to the bank himself, then there are many facilities using which he can get the life certificate.

  • Online Life Certificate option

    Website released by the government for pensioners to submit their life certificate online Can use. Here pensioners can update their life certificate directly. There is a facility to give Aadhaar Base Life Certificate here.

  • door step banking

    You can also use door step banking of banks. Many private and government banks provide their senior citizens the facility to submit life certificate sitting at home. In this, the bank employees go to the home of the pension holder and get the proof of his survival verified. Door step banking is different for every bank. According to the current rules, Door Step Life Certificate service can be availed by any senior citizen above 70 years of age who is unable to walk. For this, it is necessary for the customer to have KYC and the mobile number must be registered with the account.

  • There is also an option for face authentication

    The government is also providing the facility of giving life certificate to pensioners through face authentication technology. Under this, you can easily do your work by downloading Life Certificate from Google Play Store, Aadhaar Face RD (Early Access), sitting at home using Android smartphone or bank branch.

  • Post office will also help

    The postal department can also help you in submitting the life certificate. Place a request for postman to submit Digital Life Certificate through Indian Post Payment Bank website. With the help of the postman, you can give your life certificate sitting at home. However, a small amount is charged by the department for this.

  • Umang app will make work easier

    It is quite easy to give life certificate through Umang app. Umang App is a unified app released by the government which contains information about everything from EPFO, ESIC. Through this also you can give your life certificate.

What is pensioners life certificate

Pensioners Life Certificate is an official document which entitles a person to receive his/her pension benefits. This is a government scheme which is used in different forms in different countries. The purpose of Pensioners Life Certificate is to identify the person as a user under the pension scheme who receives appointment or salary recommendation after termination.

Pensioners Life Certificate usually contains the following information:

  • Required personal information: Name, address, date of birth, gender, etc.

  • Appointment or pension details: Information about the person’s working position, working hours, pension or salary.

  • Time limit and inheritance information of pension: This tells how long and how the person can take the pension.

  • Details of the concerned government authority: which is administering the pension scheme.

  • Information about the individual’s bank account: In which the pension amount is deposited.

  • This certificate is known by different names according to different government schemes, such as pension scheme magazine, pension pass, pension challan etc.

  • If you have information about any particular scheme, then you can contact us to establish the information given there.

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