Longteng Bincheng Tianxing “Adds” Color Tianjin Bank Exclusively Sponsors Binhai New Area 2024 Spring Festival Gala-Times Finance-Northern Network

Longteng Bincheng Tianxing “Adds” Color Tianjin Bank Exclusively Sponsors Binhai New Area 2024 Spring Festival Gala-Times Finance-Northern Network

The lights turned on, and a “giant dragon” spiraled out, kicking off the New Year of the Year of the Dragon in Jiachen. At 20:00 on the evening of February 8, the “Bank of Tianjin Longteng Bincheng” Binhai New Area 2024 Spring Festival Gala, exclusively named by the Bank of Tianjin, was released on Binhai Radio and Television Station, Tianjin Binhai Client, Binhai Weibo and WeChat and other Binhai Fusion Media The media platform made a surprise appearance, presenting a cultural feast with the characteristics of Bincheng citizens, regional customs and artistic innovation to the people of Bincheng who have worked hard for a year. Together with the citizens, they can taste the strong flavor of the New Year and experience the excellent traditional Chinese culture. unique charm.

This year’s Bincheng Spring Festival Gala has the theme of “Dragon Teng Bincheng”. From the on-site layout to the program design, the traditional cultural elements and modern flavor of the Spring Festival are highlighted, creating a warm, harmonious and festive festival atmosphere. The annual “Bincheng Spring Festival Gala” is an indispensable cultural “New Year’s Eve dinner” for the people of Bincheng. Everyone expresses their love for the city by watching the show. As a citizen bank for the people of Bincheng, Bank of Tianjin actively responded to the call of the Binhai New Area District Committee and District Government and the District Committee Propaganda Department to support the high-quality economic and cultural development of the new area. It named the 2024 Bincheng Spring Festival Gala and celebrated the New Year with the people of Bincheng.

Tianjin Bank Binhai Branch has been deeply involved in the party program since the beginning. During the audition, preliminaries, semi-finals and finals of the “Spring Festival Gala I’m Coming” talent contest, financial services were provided to contestants and their relatives and friends; during the official rehearsal and recording stages of the Spring Festival Gala, special booths were carefully arranged to provide citizen participants with Tianjin Bank’s special financial services, such as Wisdom Pass, Happiness Certificate of Deposit, and Social Security Card, popularize financial knowledge among the public. We also specially issued exclusive financial products for the 2024 Bincheng Spring Festival Gala, and sincerely invite the citizens of the New District to “go to the future together” with the “Wisdom Skywalk” in the Year of the Dragon. “.

“I am very grateful to Tianjin Bank for the invitation, which allowed me to watch the Bincheng Spring Festival Gala for the first time. Through this show, I have experienced the rapid development and changes of Binhai New Area in recent years. I am proud to be a Bincheng native.” Customer Mr. Zhou was very excited. By watching the party, he felt the strong festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival and deepened his understanding of the rapid development of the new district’s urban landscape and the rich and colorful cultural and entertainment life of the people.

In recent years, Tianjin Bank Binhai Branch has been deeply involved in Binhai New Area, and has continued to increase support in terms of serving the construction of Binhai New Area and optimizing the business environment. At the same time, it has actively explored new financial service models, integrated into the new area’s cultural tourism, night market economy and other scenes, and supported the new area’s summer business. A number of cultural and sports activities such as the “Bubble Island Music and Art Festival” in Japan and the “International Youth Beach Volleyball Invitational Tournament” in Dongjiang have formed a good effect of the mutual integration and promotion of finance and culture and tourism.

In the next step, Bank of Tianjin Binhai Branch will further improve financial services, thoroughly implement the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference and the Central Financial Work Conference, and strive to write a new chapter of high-quality development based on the “three quantities” and contribute to the construction of socialism. make greater contributions to modern metropolises.

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