Luce Bour wants to bring the French Cup home

Luce Bour wants to bring the French Cup home

It was a goal she had set for herself. “Four years ago I told myself that one day I would take part in the French florist championship,” says Luce Bour who manages the boutique “Evidence, floral designer”. It is the most prestigious competition organized by our federation.”

And this year, she launched. “To participate, you must register, and I was selected, so it is an honor and a new challenge to participate in this competition of excellence. » The test takes place on 1er and October 2 in Tours. “The competition takes place on Saturday [30 septembre], and the prize giving takes place on Sunday and Monday. »

Preparation with a coach

“Throughout the competitions, we gradually realize that we are capable,” describes the craftswoman. She already has three competitions under her belt. Including the first, on March 13, 2022 in Lyon, where she won the regional gold medal. A good CV to claim the title of best florist in France, since you must have already participated in competitions and won at least one of them.

To put all the chances on her side, Luce Bour took the advice of a coach. “I worked two full days with Sandrine Raichon, [professeur d’art floral au CFA de Besançon]. When you make the French Cup, you can’t do it alone, you have to get help. » The candidate must work on an imposed theme: which florist are you? For this she prepares a support which must correspond to defined measurements: 2.5 m high by 2 m wide and 1.2 m deep.

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“I’m not a princess florist”

“I made a model to be able to project it,” describes the florist. She intends to work on “the volumes, the rhythm of the plants and to master the colors because that is what is expected. » For this floral composition which must speak for itself, Luce imagines “very dark colors, purple, pink, red, with a very acidic green; a choice of very intense colors to bring out my rock’n’roll personality; because I’m not a princess florist. »

Doing competitions means getting away from daily work because “what we do in store for customers is not the same thing. » The compositions are grandiose during the competitions. This forces you to re-examine your technique and your creativity. And to get the best out of it. To progress in short. “I have twelve years in the profession and I find it in apprenticeship,” summarizes Luce Bour. But being selected shows that she already has the level. On October 2, the best florist in France will perhaps be Salinoise.

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