Lyon 1st. Fufu ramen, Japanese ramen like a show!

Lyon 1st.  Fufu ramen, Japanese ramen like a show!

The broth releases its good smell, the bowl of ramen smokes. We purse our lips and blow on the hot liquid. “Fuuuuu, fuuuuuuu”…welcome to Fufu Ramen!

A winking name for a new restaurant ramen installed since the start of the school year very close to the Town Hall, and which is already always full!

And if, in the back kitchen, the clear Japanese broth which will serve as the basis for the famous ramen is simmering (chicken carcasses and wings, accompanied by different vegetables, cook slowly for around ten hours, to give a very tasty broth), the show is in the room!

We are greeted by a thunderous “konnichiwa”, hello in Japanese. Then we sit in front of the open kitchen, and we enjoy the spectacle of wok-fried noodles even before eating.

“Our idea is that we feel good, like in a typical Japanese restaurant, where we eat well, tasty, facing the kitchen, and quickly if we want” explains Dorian Barruel.

He discovered the principle of Fufu Ramen in Bordeaux, and after meeting the boss, Ludovic Chassagne, and understanding that they were on the same wavelength, he decided to open his Fufu Ramen brand in Lyon, by joining forces with Clément Valo.

No fuss

No desserts, no wine, no fuss… it’s just like in Japan! So we enjoy ramen (the one with pork confit and caramelized pork belly is simply delicious) where everything is homemade, gyozas or fried noodles made according to their own recipe, and we say “arigato gozaimasu”… thank you Fufu Ramen!

36 rue de l’Arbre Sec, Lyon 1er / Such. : 04 78 98 84 80 / Non-stop 11:30 a.m.-10:30 p.m., without reservation / Ramen from €13 to €16.

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