Lyon. Jérémie Rubey bronze medal at the French Scalers’ Championship

Lyon.  Jérémie Rubey bronze medal at the French Scalers’ Championship

Very happy to show off the French championship jacket, Jérémie Rubey proudly displays the 2024 bronze medal that he has just won and the medal for the best hope at the 2023 World Championship. Two great rewards for this passionate 37-year-old boy by his profession.

It is formed on the job

“I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I focused on studying logistics and management and obtained a DUT. But I wasn’t particularly motivated. By chance at a small job in a large-scale fish store, I discovered the profession of shucking and I wanted to go further.” However, it is not easy to learn the profession because there is no special training but Jérémie benefits from experience through Pôle emploi.

And he perfects himself on the job, successively mastering the speed, the quality of opening, the presentation, but also the catering side with the different cooking of lobsters, lobsters, whelks, large shrimps and crabs…

Towards the world championship

Twenty candidates from all regions of France competed in the final of the French championship. “Manuel Blanqui from Charbonnières got the silver medal, he beat me very narrowly,” underlines Jérémie. Head shaker since 2020 at Maison Cellérier, Jérémie loves the atmosphere of Halles Paul-Bocuse , a village atmosphere where everyone knows each other and above all contact with customers, including many tourists. In four years Jérémie will attempt the world championship, a great challenge in perspective.

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