Lyon. New punch action from worried and angry VTC drivers

Lyon.  New punch action from worried and angry VTC drivers

“We no longer have the words, or even the energy, to continue to explain the tragedy that is happening to everyone’s indifference. VTCs want control over the pricing of their activity and a minimum hourly kilometer threshold, whether by law or through agreements.”

Saturday evening, around 11:30 p.m., quai Jules Courmont in Lyon 2, around a hundred VTC drivers took part in a new strong action to alert public opinion to the fate that “Uber and all French platforms” have in store for them. within 7 months, with the approval ofElisabeth Borne, Olivier Dussopt And Clement Beaune. »

Traffic was slightly disrupted in the area until around 3 a.m.

Other actions to come

“50 cents per minute, with a minimum of €7.65, is the amount that a VTC will receive during the race, no matter the journey it takes, no matter its distance. Which business manager would agree to make a Lyon-airport for €15 to transport four passengers, which is less expensive than the Rhônexpress? », Explains the Association of Independent Drivers of Lyon (Acil) in a press release.

He adds that the platforms are already preparing “the replacement of current drivers with new ones who will only start VTC with this treatment”.

According to them, private public transport of people (T3P) is losing out in this perspective. “Everyone needs to wake up,” adds the angry Acil who had already organized a movement on November 5 and plans more throughout the coming month.

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