Lyon. Thunderclap in Monplaisir, the Maison Vessière boutique closes for serious hygiene violations

Lyon.  Thunderclap in Monplaisir, the Maison Vessière boutique closes for serious hygiene violations


The Rhône Departmental Directorate for Population Protection (DDPPR) struck again this Tuesday, April 2. Target ? The emblematic caterer on the corner between avenue des Frères Lumières and rue Antoine Lumière, “Maison Vessière”, closed until further notice. The DDPPR, visiting on April 2, took the decision to administratively close the same day, the establishment specializing in butchery, catering and pastry, for serious hygiene breaches.

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A well-known brand in the neighborhood

Placed in a strategic location, opposite the market on Place Ambroise Courtois (Lyon 8th), everyone in the neighborhood knows this brand. A house which opened in 1980, by Daniel and Agnès Vessière. In July 2020, they created an artisanal manufacturing laboratory, with a European Health approval number. Indeed, the house positions itself on high-end products. With more than 15 stores around Lyon and 185 employees, the house is well established in the area.

“Significant presence of cockroaches”

The DDPPR inspection showed nine serious breaches of hygiene rules including, among other things, “the significant presence of pests (cockroaches) and rodent droppings” or even “the possession of non-compliant foodstuffs”.

All considered a “significant threat to the health of consumers”, potentially causing poisoning.

In total, no less than thirty-four corrective measures were ordered to consider reopening the restaurant. To do this, it will be necessary to “obstruct/seal all probable and proven passages of pests in order to avoid any intrusion”, “clean the equipment”, or even “stop storing egg cells and other packaging boxes in refrigerated enclosures”. Contacted by Le Progrès, the Maison Vessière boutique did not respond.


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