Mapei arrives in Puglia. New factory for the South and Balkans

Mapei arrives in Puglia.  New factory for the South and Balkans

MILAN Mapei buys land from the Scianatico family from 20,000 square meters in Modugno in the province of Bari, where the plants will be built to produce a vast range of products, from tile glues to concrete additives, and most of the products of the Italian building materials giant. “L’Italy is at the center of Mapei’s strategy – explains Veronica Squinzi, together with her brother Marco of the group founded in 1937 – we create an important part of our turnover is in Italy and we are an Italian company, not only because the ownership is Italian but because our heart and headquarters are here, as well as the main research and development center.” Mapei is preparing to close a 2023 still growing with a turnover greater than 4.1 billion in the beautiful country it almost achieves a quarter of its turnover has 7 production companiesfor a total of 11 factories, 6 Research and Development centers and more 2,650 employees.

Three generations of growth

“Already our grandfather had diversified from Milan to Latina – remember Marco Squinzi – because to give a better service to our customers and have competitive prices, we need to be close to the companies and places where we work. The time has come to serve southern Italy too, e.g from here also Albania, Montenegro and the Balkan markets, with a plant on site. Puglia is a territory with extraordinary excellence, if I think of the tourist facilities, the farms, there are development projects based also in view of the Pnrr, and we wanted to take an extra step”. Mapei had opened one commercial headquarters in Lecce already in 2007 and now in place of the old headquarters of the ATM (Southern Steelworks and Tubificio), it will build a latest generation headquarters, which starts with 40-70 employees, but at full capacity it should arrive at an important hiring plan. “We don’t like talking about figures, but we are in Puglia to stay and plan significant growth” explains Veronica Squinzi who then he lets slip that the investment will be “tens of millions of euros”.

Sustainability and territory

The new diversification will allow Mapei, which has always been committed to the durability of materials and sustainability to further reduce emissions. “Serving southern Italy and the Balkans from Puglia, as well as rendering the price of many of our products is more competitive allows us to reduce transport emissions – recalls Marco Squinzi – we invest and believe a lot in sustainability, which is not just about the carbon footprint, but also what you create and what you give back to the territory where do you work”. This is why Mapei has stepped forward for the restoration of the Petruzzelli Theatre, for the Monopoli hospital and for the paving of the gardens of Isabella of Aragon in Bari, but also for the works of the Nuova church of Padre Pio in San Giovanni Rotondo and for the historic center Piazza Sant’Oronzo in Lecce, as well as for the headquarters of the Puglia region. “We have already started the procedures and the request for permits with the local authorities – concludes Veronica Squinzi – finding a very collaborative climatebecause it is clear that we are here to build the foundations for important and lasting growth”.

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