Meloni cuts Italian farmers’ personal income tax by 50% to quell protests

Meloni cuts Italian farmers’ personal income tax by 50% to quell protests

The Government of the far-right Giorgia Meloni will cut personal income tax, among other measures, for farmers who are demonstrating these days throughout Italy, a decision that will help call off the protests, although some groups have announced that they will continue with their mobilizations. The 50% reduction in the amount of Personal Income Tax (IRPF) for agricultural income between 10,000 and 15,000 euros It will be added to the tax exemption for those up to 10,000 euros after the agreement reached this Monday by the government majority, according to local media.

The ultras Brothers of Italy, by Meloni; The far-right League and the conservative Forza Italia reached the pact that unlocks about 200 million euros for farmers after several hours of meeting between the leaders of the three parties, who had divergent positions. Finally, an amendment in this sense will be included in the decree law on regulatory extensions and tax obligations, which will now have to go through Parliament, where the majority has an absolute majority, and the Government also announced the start of a dialogue with the protesting farmers.

“In light of the publication on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture of the technical table, we are ready to demobilize the prison,” said Maurizio Senigagliesi, a spokesman for ‘Agricultural Rescue’, one of the organizations calling for the protests, which announced the demobilization of tractors on the roads “within two or three days.” However, Not all organizations agree to stop the protests and while some will maintain their mobilizationsit is still unknown what position the most extremist group will take, which for now remains willing to protest tomorrow, Thursday, at the Circus Maximus in Rome.

“When solutions have to be found, we always find them,” Meloni said after the agreement was announced, downplaying the differences between the government partners and in particular the demands of Matteo Salvini, leader of the League, who He wanted the tax exemption threshold to be raised to incomes of 30,000 euros. Their proposals were to “increase the personal income tax exemption (above 10,000 euros), approve the League’s proposal on price control and production costs, and accelerate measures to limit damage caused by wildlife,” in a meeting in which Salvini “confirmed his clear opposition to Europe’s negotiations with South America,” the party said.

The agreement with the Mercosur countries, in which Brussels continues to work without real guarantees regarding respect for standards similar to ours, would represent a danger for Italian producers with the arrival on our tables of products that do not offer the same guarantees as ours,” the League added after the meeting in a statement. “And, furthermore, there is still no global evaluation of the impact of these measures in our market. For the League, This is a new attempt to favor multinationals while harming products made in Italy.“he added


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