Milei will review the charges ‘by hand’ and requires officials to be present

Milei will review the charges ‘by hand’ and requires officials to be present

The president of Argentina, Javier Milei, held his first Cabinet meeting this Monday (the equivalent of the Council of Ministers in Spain) and conveyed to his ministers the “need” to make a powerful adjustment of public accounts: “fiscal balance is non-negotiable,” said the president.

At the same time, Milei announced to his cabinet that he is going to review the contracts of officials, especially those hand-picked by his predecessor, Alberto Fernández. As reported in a press conference by the Government spokesperson, Manuel Adorni, what the president intends is to end “militant employment” in the State. “It will no longer exist,” said the spokesperson.
Without leaving public employment, the libertarian administration will demand “one hundred percent presence in public administration workplaces” to all state employees.

“We want to value the public employee,” said Adorni.
Despite these statements, the spokesperson wanted to send a message of calm to public employees from Argentina. He assured that the vast majority “is valid and necessary.” He clarified that they are going to review those positions of public employees “that are for a political issue and I go further, not only does it not contribute, but it takes away, because it took away productivity, salary and functions from public employees.” In short, he reiterated that “no public employee should be worried about their job, those who add value and those who give their all day after day, will continue in their position.”

Despite the journalists’ insistence on the economic measures that the libertarian president is going to carry out for this “non-negotiable fiscal adjustment” during the meeting with the spokesperson, Adorni only limited himself to announcing that all these economic measures would be will announce the Minister of Economy, Luis Caputo, this Tuesday. What he did talk about was the main premises that Milei had already announced during his investiture speech: “There is no money is not a cliché, the fiscal balance and the logic that we all have in our personal economy will be strictly respected.” , that we are not going to spend more than what we have,” Adorni said.

Throughout his speech he maintained the mantra that this is a stage of a “different Argentina” and recalled that this fiscal adjustment brings “times of change, which will be complex.”

What surprised the room was that, despite the fact that they are going to make a strong fiscal adjustment, they also spoke of “an expansion of social spending” as well as the removal of privileges.

Specifically, Adorni spoke of the need to make “a general inventory, not only of assets but also of the status of all personnel.” will review each of the hiresby virtue of finding irregularities,” he said.

Caputo’s team is already formed but, as announced in the Argentine newspaper Clarín, it may still take a week until the wheels begin to work. The name that is already known is Pablo Quirno, who will be in charge of the Finance Secretariat. On the other hand, for the National Securities Commission (CNV) The name of Partricia Boero sounds.

For his part, the person in charge of managing the Central Bank during Milei’s mandate is Santiago Bausili, who has not yet taken command of Argentina’s monetary authority.

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