Minimum wage statement from Türk-İş – Last minute economic news – Sözcü

Minimum wage statement from Türk-İş – Last minute economic news – Sözcü

Ergün Atalay, President of the Confederation of Turkish Trade Unions (TÜRK-İŞ), stated that workers will be in the minimum wage negotiations this year, and said that it is premature to talk about the minimum wage now.

Türk-İş Union President Ergün Atalay visited the mining cemetery where 301 miners who lost their lives in the Soma Mine Disaster were buried. Atalay also made statements regarding the minimum wage negotiations that will be valid in 2024.

Atalay stated that the 27 percent tax bracket was previously entered in six months, but now it is entered in April, and that a tax-related regulation needs to be made, and said, “The main problem is neither making a contract nor making a minimum wage, a tax-related regulation is needed. It needs to be fixed. More importantly, we have been making the minimum wage once a year for 40 years, and we have been doing it twice a year for 2 years. The reason is this; “Inflation in the country, we are doing it in July and December after this Covid disease,” he said.


Atalay stated that workers will be at the table in the Minimum Wage Determination Commission and said, “This year, there will be workers at that table, all four of that table will be workers. There will be no unionists there. They will tell you how they couldn’t spend it with this money. The living person will sit there and explain his position. “There will be men and women at this table.” He stated:

Atalay stated that the minimum wage increase was followed by increases and that it was too early to talk about the minimum wage now and said:

“Unfortunately, when the minimum wage increases, meat, milk and rent are everywhere in our country. interest is coming. If you say yes to the minimum wage now, the minimum wage salary will be on the 1st of February. There are 2.5 months until the first of February. There is no point in talking as there is time until then. “It is necessary to talk in time.”


Atalay said, “Although 10 years have passed since 301 miners lost their lives in the Soma Mine Disaster, ‘No decision has been made that will reassure us’ and said:

“Before the minimum wage issue, we are in Soma today. In 6 months, it will be the 10th anniversary of our 301 miners. 10 years have passed. There has still been no decision regarding the courts that would reassure people. The last time the judiciary made a decision was on April 22. Now the case is in the Constitutional Court. WorldIn Turkey, courts solve problems, unfortunately, courts create problems in our country. In fact, their job is to solve problems, unfortunately they create problems. There’s no point in making trouble.

I made a statement about the Soma case at the General Assembly of the Sağlık-İş Union last week and the day before. Files before the Constitutional Court. I am expressing once again here that they have everything they have from A to Z. This file will reassure people’s hearts. Examine it once more, wherever there are mistakes and deficiencies, fulfill them completely; This is our first job.

We currently have district chairmen of our parties and mayors here. After this 301 accident, I was here 2 hours and 3 hours later. We were here until the stove closed. I know what happened from there, you know, God has good words everywhere. Law protects women and labor all over the world. This is an unwritten rule. We are victims here. These 301 of our brothers and sisters have children and families. Almost the entire society is disturbed by the decision made regarding this. Therefore, the constitutional court should examine this decision in detail as soon as possible. “Let’s look ahead.” (PHOENIX)

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