Minimum wage statement from Türk-İş President Ergün Atalay

Minimum wage statement from Türk-İş President Ergün Atalay

Türk-İş Chairman Ergün Atalay visited the Maden İş Union in Soma district of Manisa. Soma Mayor Ali Tulup also took part in the visit.

Making statements to journalists, Mayor Atalay emphasized that the Soma Mining disaster will enter its 10th year in 6 years, stated that the file pending in the Constitutional Court should be concluded as soon as possible, and made statements on tax bracket, minimum wage and subcontractor issues.


Noting that one of the biggest problems of the minimum wage earner is the tax bracket issue, Atalay said, “Now our friends working here are saying, ‘Base on what we received in January’ regarding taxes. In the past, we were entering the 27 percent bracket in the 6th month, now we are 27 percent at the end of April.” They say, ‘We are getting into the tax bracket’. The main problem is neither the contract nor the minimum wage, the main problem is about tax. There needs to be a regulation and fixation regarding tax.

We have been negotiating with the government for an increase in the minimum wage once a year for 40 years. Now we have been doing it every 6 months for 2 years. The reason for this is inflation in the country. After Covid, we are having a meeting about the minimum wage in July and December. From time to time, I state that this year, in the past, the point of representation is in Türk-İş, in accordance with the law. Now we have unions there.

There will be workers at that table this year. All 4 of our representatives will be workers. He will not be a unionist. They will explain how they cannot survive with this money. Then we will determine the commission. It is not possible for the unionist to explain it to me or İlhami along with our friends. Let the living tell, the living will sit there and tell. “At that table, there will be women and men, and there will be workers, so they will explain their positions,” he said.


Atalay continued his words with the following statements:

“When the minimum wage is mentioned, unfortunately, in our country, there is an increase in meat, milk, rent, everywhere. Now, if I say yes to the minimum wage and sign it, he will receive the minimum wage salary on the first of February. What’s more, there are 3.5 months until February.

So until then there is no point in talking. It is necessary to talk in time. They always ask us what you want, those sitting at the table will ask, they will explain their situation. “We will make such an arrangement this year, if possible.”

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