Minister Bayraktar met with Rosatom General Manager Likhachev

Minister Bayraktar met with Rosatom General Manager Likhachev

According to the statement made by Rosatom, the delegations visited and met at the Akkuyu NPP construction site, which is under construction in the city.

During the visit, Likhachev also inspected the Akkuyu NPP 1st power unit machine room and inspected the operation of placing the turbogenerator stator equipment in the position foreseen in the design.

As part of the visit, the Rosatom president also visited the Akkuyu NPP construction site and held a meeting with the project managers.

Likhachev, whose views were included in the statement, said regarding the site visit, “Today, Rosatom is implementing two of the largest nuclear power plant construction projects in the world; Akkuyu NPP in Turkey and El-Dabaa NPP in Egypt. The first unit at the Akkuyu NPP site has reached the final stage.” “The work is being carried out in full accordance with the programme.” he said.

Rosatom General Manager Likhachev continued:

“The completion rate of construction works in unit 1 is over 90 percent. In addition, all the equipment of the nuclear island has been installed. In the turbine section, the installation of the stator and the electricity generation system base continues. The stator is the heaviest equipment in the nuclear power plant. The reactor is the blood pump in the nuclear power plant. “It can be compared to the heart. Blood feeds the turbine and generator, which are the muscles of the power plant. These muscles will meet 10 percent of the total electrical energy needs of a large country like Turkey.”

Emphasizing that the personnel training process at Akkuyu NPP is progressing rapidly, Likhachev added that one of the most modern training centers in the world has been opened in the field.

Ahead of Likhachev’s visit, construction teams successfully carried out a technically complex operation to install the turbogenerator stator in the position foreseen in the design.

The turbogenerator stator, weighing approximately 430 tons, 12 meters long and 4.2 meters in diameter, known as the heaviest component among nuclear power plant equipment, was transported from the warehouse on a special wheeled platform to be installed in the turbine section of the 1st power unit.

The equipment was lifted to the turbine’s elevation using a craneless hydraulic rigging system. In preparation for comprehensive processing, the zero elevation base of the turbine section was also strengthened. For this process, special columns with a height of more than 18 meters and a rail line that helps transport the stator to the installation site were also installed.

In the engine room or turbine section, which is one of the key sections of nuclear power plants, the energy of the heated steam coming from the reactor section is converted into mechanical energy and then into electricity through the turbogenerator. Simultaneously with the assembly of the turbine components, the installation of pumps, pipelines and other equipment in the turbine section of the Akkuyu NPP 1st power unit unit is being carried out as planned.

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