Minister Ersoy: We are closing this year with records in tourism

Minister Ersoy: We are closing this year with records in tourism

Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, in his speech at the headmen’s meeting held in a hotel in Muratpaşa district, said that Antalya is a city that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan follows closely.

Emphasizing that Antalya is of primary interest to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism because it has a very important place in terms of both its cultural values ​​and tourism economy, Ersoy stated that he comes to the city very often because he is from Antalya.

“Türkiye has started to break records, especially since last year.”

Emphasizing that they experienced a very busy period in terms of both tourism and cultural activities in Antalya, Ersoy said:

“Turkey has started to break records, especially since last year. It has started to equal its records. And this year we have come to the end of the year again. I hope we are closing this year with records in terms of both the number of visitors and income. Antalya will lead the way as the city that generates the most income in tourism.” “There are also very big cultural events being held. As the ministry, we have started to focus heavily on cultural activities, especially in 2022 and 2023. Both the revival and restoration of our cultural values, the intensive excavation of excavation sites and bringing them back to our provinces and districts, and the support of these with events. We also held the cultural road festivals in Antalya this year. We received very positive reactions. That made us happy. Last year it was in 5 cities. This year, in 2023, we increased to 11 cities. We will hopefully announce it next week in 2024, 15 or 16. “We will spread cultural road festivals to the city. We want to spread cultural road festivals to all our metropolitan cities by adding 5 cities each year.”

“We have increased the budgets of the excavation sites incredibly”

Minister Ersoy stated that they focus especially on archeology and excavation works in Antalya and stated that there are excavation directorates at 19 points.

Stating that they carried out a very intensive work in the Side Ancient City last year, Ersoy said, “After the positive results we received here, we included Phaselis, Olympos, Syedra in Gazipaşa and lastly Perge in the intensive excavation program in 2023. They determined their budgets.” We have increased it incredibly. In other words, there are points that we have increased by 20 to 30 times. We are not progressing only by digging, restoration and innovation. Due to the characteristics of Antalya, it is very hot during the summer days. We also took care of the lighting. We illuminate the areas where we have done many restorations and make them open to visitors after sunset. “Our aim here is that touristic visits should not be limited to hotels. Let tourists go out of the hotel. Let them travel around the country as well. Tradesmen should also benefit.”

After the speech, the meeting continued closed to the press.

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