Minister visited Bolat Export Development Inc.: 53.4 billion lira guarantee was provided to the exporter

Minister visited Bolat Export Development Inc.: 53.4 billion lira guarantee was provided to the exporter

Minister Bolat gave information about the visit on his X social media account.

Stating that İGE AŞ has made a big difference in exporters’ access to finance and the rapid progress of the processes, Bolat stated that 15 thousand 10 bail applications were made to the institution as of November 17.

Bolat said, “Within the scope of 12 thousand 340 applications approved, guarantees worth 53.4 billion liras were provided for the loans of approximately 63.2 billion liras of our exporters. In line with our export targets of high added value, innovation-based and giving importance to R&D, Turkey’s exports “We wish success to İGE, which supports our exporters, in their work.” he said.

In his written statement regarding his visit, Minister Bolat drew attention to the importance of access to finance for exporters.

Pointing out the role of İGE AŞ in this regard, Bolat said:

“With the guarantees provided by HDI, the problem of our exporters in finding collateral is solved, while banks are enabled to allocate more resources to exports. The institution has become one of the most important institutions and policy tools of our country in supporting exports and exporters, which are the main actors of production, employment and development, and with its strong equity structure, we will continue to support our exporters in the coming period.” will continue to support it.” made his assessment.

Cash resource level reached 6.3 billion lira in 2 years

In the statement made by the Ministry, details about the work of İGE AŞ were included.

Accordingly, the cash resource level of the institution reached 6.3 billion lira in 2 years. Today, the organization, which provides guarantee for approximately 150 billion liras of loans, makes all guarantee decisions based on the credit score produced by an analytical model.

While there is no manual intervention anywhere in the bail allocation process, the entire process is completed automatically electronically in a short time. In addition to its own resources, the company also uses the resources provided by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance to produce guarantees in favor of exporters.

In this context, within the framework of the “100th Anniversary Treasury Support Package”, which was put into effect in May and will provide guarantee for approximately 26 billion lira of loans, nearly 1000 applications have been approved for guarantee so far and exporters have been enabled to use a total of 3 billion lira of loans.

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