NCVET approves education tech platform HireMee

NCVET approves education tech platform HireMee

New Delhi (Uttam Hindu News): The National Council for Vocational Education and Training (NCVET), set up by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE), has recognized talent assessment and technology platform HireMe as a Recognized Agency for Emerging Technology.

Accredited by quality standards regulator NCVET for Vocational Education and Training, the Bengaluru-based edtech platform allows the Bengaluru-based edtech platform to assess candidates on National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF) aligned qualifications.

Venkatraman Umakant, Senior Vice President and Head of HireMe, said, “The 5 million people powering the $250 billion strong Indian IT-ITeS industry require continuous training in emerging technologies to stay relevant. As an NCVET-accredited assessment agency, HireMe is poised to meet the needs of the industry.”

This accreditation follows the process of evaluating HireMee’s capabilities in offering AI-powered assessments across IT and non-IT sectors.

The company’s assessment platform is widely used by many corporates across the country, Middle-East and US for talent acquisition and management and academic institutions and has delivered approximately 3 million assessments.

Since its inception, the platform has collaborated with around 7,000 colleges accredited by AICTE, the National Career Service of the Union Ministry of Labor and Employment, the upskilling program Naan Mudhalvan of the Government of Tamil Nadu and the Digital Economy Mission of the Government of Karnataka and over 2,000 companies Is.

According to the company, the platform has helped more than 690,000 students take assessments at no cost, with more than 260,000 students getting opportunities to be interviewed by various companies.

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