New regulations regarding tourism are coming

New regulations regarding tourism are coming

AKP is presenting its bill, which includes regulations for the tourism sector, to the Presidency of the Turkish Grand National Assembly today.

According to the information provided by AKP Group Chairman Abdullah Güler, the bill “On amending the tourist guide profession law and the travel agencies and travel agencies union law” consists of 14 articles, including execution and enforcement.

With the proposal, changes are made to the national or regional tourist guide training programs to be organized by relevant organizations upon the request of the Ministry of Tourism, since the certificate programs opened by the professional organization do not meet the need.

In applications for admission to the profession, the exam to determine foreign language proficiency will be held by ÖSYM.

With the proposal, in order to increase the number of guides available, an arrangement is made to encourage candidate guides in Far Eastern languages, especially in China. In addition, it is easier for those who have a bachelor’s degree from the art history and archeology departments of universities and have foreign language proficiency to become tourist guides.


The proposal also makes some changes regarding travel agencies.

Accordingly, changes are being made within the scope of the proposal to eliminate the obligation to have a tourist guide during activities whose main purpose is not to promote historical and touristic places.

The proposal also stipulates that if travel agencies provide any benefit to themselves or the person they direct in return for sending their customers to a certain business for shopping purposes without their knowledge and approval, their documents will be canceled by the Ministry and they will not be able to operate as travel agencies for five years.

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