New Year’s rentals expand geography – Kommersant FM

New Year’s rentals expand geography – Kommersant FM

There are no vacancies: as Kommersant FM found out, hotels near Moscow are almost completely booked for the January holidays. There are only so-called second-tier hotels left with a minimum range of services. It is not easy to rent countryside real estate. It is of interest to those who did not have time to reserve hotel rooms. Prices for cottages near Moscow have increased by 15-20%. And clients are now looking for properties in neighboring regions. How much does it cost to rent a house for the New Year holidays? Aelita Kurmukova found out.

In 2023, tourists began booking country houses for the January holidays in August. Therefore, there are currently a limited number of offers on the market. The main demand is for objects no further than 100 kilometers from Moscow. Budget offers start from 25-30 thousand rubles. per day. As a rule, this is a standard dacha with a minimum set of services. All houses are rented out for at least two or three nights, says Alexey Popov, head of Tsian.Analytika:

“A good cottage will cost about 80 thousand rubles. There are properties that cost hundreds of thousands of rubles, but these are mini-hotels. There are many places for accommodation, some kind of animation, catering. Overall, rates have increased by 15-20% per year. From mid-December they will grow even more.”

Those who did not have time to rent a house in the Moscow region will have to choose from expensive properties, and this is already 40-50 thousand rubles. per day, adds Yulia Dymova, director of the Est-a-Tet secondary real estate sales office:

“The price of renting country houses in the Moscow region can reach hundreds of thousands. Therefore, it is worth considering the nearby areas. Prices there look more affordable, but the quality and range of possible services and entertainment are essentially the same. The Tver region is Konakovo, Vladimir, Tula regions – the cost of renting a cottage there is two times cheaper – around 10-17 thousand rubles. If you try really hard, you can find it for 7-9 thousand rubles. per night”.

Against the backdrop of increased demand, owners of country houses decided to raise prices, which did not happen last winter. And the bulk of bookings fall on the second January, shares the owner of the estate in the Tver region Anna Ovcharenko:

“This year, realizing that many cannot go abroad, we decided to double the rental price of our home in the Tver region. The first dates we booked were Christmas. We haven’t rented it out for the New Year yet, we just posted the proposal. We have also increased accommodation.

We rent out one day of the New Year holidays for 30 thousand rubles. For the New Year itself, the house costs 45 thousand rubles. Rent – ​​minimum two days.”

The problems, as it turns out, are not only with country rentals. All good hotels near Moscow have already been booked for both New Year and Christmas, says Sergei Romashkin, vice-president of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia. And there are about 300 of them in the region. Only hotels of the so-called second row remain, notes Kommersant FM’s interlocutor:

“Good accommodations in the Moscow region for New Year and Christmas cost 7-10 thousand rubles. per day per person with meals, all inclusive. We estimate average growth of about 15% year on year. Maximum demand for properties within one and a half to two hours’ drive, 100 kilometers from Moscow. It’s already quite difficult to choose something here. But if tourists are willing to travel three hours, for example, to the Kaluga, Tver, Vladimir regions, then there are some other options there. Prices will be 25% lower than near Moscow.

Most of the bookings for the New Year holidays, as Kommersant FM previously reported, are for local holidays. Russians choose hotels in their regions, saving on railway and air tickets. In 2022, according to the Association of Tour Operators of Russia, Moscow and the region took first place in the number of tourists for the January holidays: 4 million people over a 10-day weekend.

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