News on November 20: UZ will again be unprofitable, possible confiscation of “Kyivstar”

News on November 20: UZ will again be unprofitable, possible confiscation of “Kyivstar”

About the UZ finplan. The Cabinet of Ministers approved the financial plan of “Ukrzaliznytsia” for 2024 – it is planned to receive income in the amount of UAH 103.2 billion, in particular, the net income from the sale of products (goods, works, services) is planned to be UAH 98.6 billion. Damages are predicted at the level of UAH 12.6 billion.

About “Kyivstar”. Rostislav Shurma, Deputy Head of the Office of the President stated a “high probability” adoption of sanctions against “Kyivstar” with subsequent confiscation of the company.

About Russian shoe manufacturers. Russian manufacturers of footwear for power structures “Donobuv”, “Faraday”, “Iskozh” and “Unichel” in 2023 directly imported products from European companies for 4.1 million dollars.

About State Special Communications. National Anti-Corruption Bureau and Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office exposed leadership of the State Service for Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine in taking possession of over 62 million hryvnias of state funds.

The State Special Communications Service reacted to the suspicion of ex-head Yuriy Shchygol and statedthat all purchases from 2020 were carried out in compliance with the law. The agency urges to refrain from accusing the officials until the court’s decision.

About the import of rubber aid. Cabinet of Ministers continued the possibility of using paper declarations for the import of humanitarian aid to Ukraine until April 1, 2024.

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Rostislav Shurma, head of economics at OP. About my brother’s business, the concentration of state assets and “good” businessmen

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