Not just Barbie, Mattel is thinking of new films about toys: titles

Not just Barbie, Mattel is thinking of new films about toys: titles

The golden touch of the Barbie film is boosting the accounts of Mattel, producer of the popular doll, but is also inspiring a new future for the toy giant which now wants to transform itself into a reality that also operates in entertainment. The strategy is to ride the success of the film to relaunch the traditional games sector which is suffering from the space stolen by digital games.

Now comes the unexpected twist. The numbers of the film, released last summer and which recorded record takings of over a billion dollars, suggested exploiting the trend of films linked to toys. In fact, more than a dozen Mattel toy movies have already been announced, such as Hot Wheels cars and Polly Pocket figures.

Returning to the numbers, the latest quarterly report just released and which also contains Christmas sales, showed double-digit growth in takings amounting to 473 million dollars (440.29 million euros) from the sale of Barbie alone (+27 % compared to the previous year). The increase in the USA was even 43%.

More generally, Mattel, which also includes Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price, Uno and Scrabble among its brands, to name just a few, closed the three months with a group turnover growing by 16% compared to last year. The result was $1.6 billion. Profit rose from $16.1 million in the same quarter of the previous year to $147.3 million.

In recent months, Mattel had ended up at the center of attention in the wake of the boom of the Barbie film which managed to revive interest in dolls, which had fallen into the shadows in recent times. Mattel has also taken market share from other manufacturers in the doll industry. The company itself said this after presenting the data.

In the wake of success, new energy will arrive and new initiatives are on the horizon: the company will celebrate Barbie’s 65th birthday in March and new spaces for the long-haired doll are already arriving on the shelves. For the current year, the US company expects to maintain sales at the previous year’s level, equal to approximately 5.4 billion dollars.

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