‘Now is the time to downsize’

‘Now is the time to downsize’

Export figures in the Southeastern region, which is trying to recover after the earthquake, have not yet reached last year’s figures.

Published: 21.11.2023 – 04:00



Fikret Kileci, President of the Southeastern Exporters’ Association, said that reaching the figures in 2022 this year would be a great success for the region’s exporters, and evaluated the agenda and the future.

Stating that there were some businesses that were forced to close after the earthquake, Kileci said that in the future, there will be companies that close and go abroad due to economic conditions rather than the earthquake. The highlights of Kileci’s speech, stating that it is necessary to downsize in order to avoid this situation, are as follows:


  • It’s time to take a step back to jump. This process will be troublesome for unqualified and unskilled workers. The state needs to think about this issue now
  • The era of finding cheap and easy money is now over. My only fear is to stop the economic system we have in place. Central Bank policies must resist peer pressure. If these policies are abandoned, everything will get worse
  • As for the customs duty issue. This issue cannot be solved with police measures. First of all, the state should make an inventory of everything and its needs. I point to the State Planning Organization. First, inventory and needs should be determined and action should be taken according to the needs of the country.

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