out of 310 influencers checked, half are “abnormal”

out of 310 influencers checked, half are “abnormal”


Reality TV candidates, fashion, beauty or lifestyle influencers, catering or sports influencers, creators of humorous content, video game streamers… The DGCCRF (Directorate General for Competition, Consumption and Repression of fraud) indicated this Wednesday that it had checked a total of 98 influencers in 2022 and 212 in 2023. “Almost half of them were abnormal. The DGCCRF has mainly noted the implementation of deceptive commercial practices consisting of not indicating the commercial nature of their publications, or not clearly identifying the person on whose behalf they are distributed,” it is detailed in a press release. .

The Repression of Fraud specifies that “for some, it was also noted, at the end of the investigations, more serious facts consisting of declaring or giving the impression that the sale of a product or the provision of a service is lawful when it is not.” The DGCCRF cites the case of hyaluronic acid injections by a beautician not qualified as a doctor, or the sale of counterfeit products or dangerous products prohibited for sale.

Food supplements to cure cancer

Some influencers “falsely claimed that a product is likely to cure illnesses”, for example “food supplements which would cure certain cancers” or that a product or service “increases the chances of winning at gambling and games”. chance”, for example “the promotion of a subscription for sports betting advice, alleging large and easy winnings”, continues the DGCCRF.

“These investigations may continue with advertisers for whom liability may also be held,” according to the press release. At the end of these two years of investigations, “35 warnings were sent to influencers for whom the breaches were occasional. For the most serious and deliberate practices, 81 compliance orders were issued as well as 35 criminal proceedings,” according to the report communicated. The DGCCRF “notes that a majority of controlled influencers are complying, however, investigations are continuing with those who do not comply with their injunction”, it warns, also warning that in 2024, it will strengthen its controls.


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