Passenger aircraft Il-114-300: history and design

Passenger aircraft Il-114-300: history and design


On March 31, 2024, the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) resumed flight testing of the Il-114-300 passenger aircraft. About the history, characteristics of this aircraft and incidents with it – in the material of Kommersant.

In 1982, the design bureau of the Moscow Machine-Building Plant named after. S.V. Ilyushin proposed creating a 60-seat turboprop aircraft to replace the An-24 model, which was outdated by that time. The Il-114 made its first flight on March 29, 1990 at Zhukovsky Airport. It was planned to produce the aircraft at the Tashkent Aviation Production Association named after. V.P. Chkalov and later at the Moscow Aviation Production Association named after. P. V. Dementieva. Due to the break in production chains due to the collapse of the USSR, serial production of the aircraft was never launched.

On November 18, 2015, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin announced that the Il-114 passenger aircraft project had been reopened. It is expected that the improved modification of the Il-114-300 will be able to replace foreign analogues on domestic airlines, as well as the outdated Soviet-developed An-24 model. The aircraft is going to be manufactured at Production Complex No. 1 (branch of RSK MiG in Lukhovitsy, Moscow region). It is planned to create 100 such aircraft by 2030. The aircraft was expected to receive a type certificate at the end of 2023.

Possible modifications

In the future, the creation of various modifications of the Il-114 will be considered, including several passenger versions with different engines and a cargo version. There are preliminary designs for the patrol Il-114P for protecting maritime borders, the photocartographic Il-114FK, and the ocean fish scout Il-144ORR. In 1998, the Il-144LL laboratory aircraft was built to conduct flight testing of tested samples of radio-electronic equipment.

Aircraft characteristics:

  • length – 26.877 m;
  • height – 9.324 m;
  • wingspan – 30 m;
  • wing area – 81.9 sq. m;
  • fuselage diameter – 2.86 m;
  • maximum take-off weight – 23.5 tons;
  • maximum payload – 6500 kg;
  • fuel tank capacity – 8780 l;
  • cruising speed – up to 500 km/h;
  • flight altitude – up to 7600 m;
  • flight range with a maximum number of passengers – 1900 km;
  • passenger capacity – 64 people;
  • crew – 2 people.

Disasters and incidents

On July 5, 1993, an experimental model of Il-114 crashed at Zhukovsky airport. Four people were killed and five were injured. The conclusion of the state commission that investigated the crash stated that the disaster occurred due to a failure in the electronic part of the propeller control system of the right engine.

The second crash occurred on December 5, 1999 with the Il-114T cargo model at Domodedovo Airport. The plane was supposed to make a flight from Moscow to Tashkent. After takeoff, the plane collided with the reinforced concrete fence of the airport 400 m from the end of the runway. Five crew members were killed, two were taken to the hospital. The Interstate Aviation Committee commission then stated that the cause of the crash was loss of directional control due to the rudder jamming in the extreme left position. The jam occurred while taxiing due to a strong gust of wind.

In 2021, testing of the Il-114 was suspended due to the crash of the Il-112V, which used a similar power plant. On August 13, while performing a training flight, the Il-112V crashed while landing at the Kubinka airfield. Before the fall, the plane’s right engine caught fire, after which the plane tilted to the right side, began to lose speed, overturned and fell. Five crew members were killed. In 2023, UAC postponed the delivery of the Il-114-300 due to the results of the investigation into the Il-112V accident, since both models use Russian-made TV7-117ST turboprop engines.


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