Pay attention to the ‘difference’ in examination stations: You can get that fee back

Pay attention to the ‘difference’ in examination stations: You can get that fee back

Hüseyin Özdemir (34), who sells automotive spare parts in Konya, took his car to the vehicle inspection station in Seydişehir district for visa procedures on December 28, 2023.

Since Özdemir paid the visa fee of 1130.44 TL by credit card, an additional difference of 128.18 TL was charged and he made the payment. Özdemir, who shared the situation with his lawyer Emre Akman, applied to the Consumer Arbitration Committee on February 7 for a refund when he learned that the difference of 128.18 TL was against the 3rd paragraph of the 4th article of the Law on Consumer Protection.

Özdemir stated that his purpose in applying to the Consumer Arbitration Committee was not to refund the money, but rather to raise awareness of the citizens and to end this practice, which is contrary to the Law on Consumer Protection. Explaining his experiences, Özdemir said:

”I made an appointment for an examination in Seydişehir district three days before the new year. I took my vehicle for inspection at the time and appointment I made. After completing the transactions, it is time to pay. The officer at the counter said that there is a difference when paying by credit card. I did not ask the reason for the difference taken at that moment. I accepted and made my payment. My vehicle has not passed inspection anyway. I consulted my lawyer and learned that the difference received was not legal. I also wanted to seek my rights legally. I initiated the necessary procedures through my lawyer. Our aim here is not to cut 128.18 TL. From now on, I filed a complaint to prevent citizens from being victimized. “As a pioneer, I want people to take this into consideration.”


Özdemir’s lawyer, Emre Akman, stated that the fee charged was against the Consumer Protection Law and said, “As you know, there is a fee to have the vehicle inspected. When you pay this fee in cash, it is 1130.44 TL, but when you pay by credit card, this fee is collected with an extra difference of 128.18 TL. Not just from my client. This money is collected from all people.

This situation is completely contrary to the Consumer Protection Law. Because credit cards are now valid everywhere today. This definitely needs to be taken into consideration. It is absolutely unacceptable to charge a difference just because citizens pay by card. This situation is absolutely against the law. We filed a complaint with the Consumer Arbitration Committee based on the Law on Consumer Protection. The process is currently ongoing. Our aim is definitely not to refund the difference taken from us. “The situation here is that just because the payment is made by card, a payment is being taken from the citizen, which is unfair and contrary to the Consumer Law,” he said.

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