Peskov considers the iPhone vulnerable, but continues to use it – Kommersant

Peskov considers the iPhone vulnerable, but continues to use it – Kommersant

Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that iPhones are still used in the Kremlin. The presidential press secretary himself uses a smartphone of this brand. At the same time, he noted the vulnerability of Apple technology from the point of view of personal data protection.

“Agree that the iPhone is a wonderful invention. And the IOS operating system is something that we have not yet been able to do at home. But we must remember that this is a perfect system for them, but not for us, therefore it is vulnerable from the point of view of ensuring security and, as we say, the safety of personal data,” Mr. Peskov said in an interview with the MGIMO 360 student channel.

When asked whether the Kremlin uses iPhones, the press secretary replied: “Someone uses iPhones, others have already given up.” “I still use an iPhone,” added the president’s press secretary.

Employees of the Ministry of Digital Development, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Rostec state corporation and the KamAZ company have already been banned from using Apple equipment. This happened after in June of this year, FSB officers reported that several thousand Apple devices belonging to Russian diplomats had been infected with malicious American software. Then the Kremlin said that using an iPhone in government service was “unacceptable and prohibited.” The Central Election Commission is discussing the supply of smartphones for employees with Russian manufacturers.

Anastasia Larina

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