Practicing the green action of “replacing the old with the new”, Midea embarks on a spring renewal

Practicing the green action of “replacing the old with the new”, Midea embarks on a spring renewal


As the domestic home appliance market enters the stock stage, upgrading has become the main form of consumption. The “Government Work Report” emphasizes that it is necessary to “encourage and promote the replacement of old consumer goods with new ones.” At the same time, the State Council issued the “Action Plan for Promoting Large-scale Equipment Updates and Trade-in of Consumer Goods for New”, proposing to implement the trade-in action for consumer goods, carry out the trade-in of automobiles and home appliances, and promote the trade-in of home improvement consumer goods. In order to actively respond to the national policy call, Midea Group officially launched the “Spring Clothing Renewal Season, Home Appliances Beauty Pageant – Looking for old users, free replacement” activities from April 1 to May 5. Through trade-in and free scene partial Through various innovative measures such as renovation, in the spring renewal season of 2024, consumers can enjoy a refreshing home experience all year round with one click, boosting the positive growth of green consumption.

  Guarantee users’ new experience with high-quality supply to unleash the vitality of domestic demand

Consumption is connected to the macro-economy on the one hand and millions of households on the other. Encouraging the replacement of old consumer goods with new ones is an effective strategy to tap increments from the stock. As a national action to benefit the people and enterprises, Midea, in formulating its policy for the spring clothing renewal season, is not limited to the previous traditional “trade-in for new”, and has introduced a number of innovative measures to ensure that it will benefit in the new round of “trade-in”. More consumers and households.

  Door-to-door service saves worry and effort:In order to maximize the convenience for consumers to participate in this trade-in activity, Midea has set up a considerate full-process mobile phone ordering channel for old users, which can realize 3-second order placing and used phone evaluation bidding, and provide consumers with the most affordable new phone purchase discounts plan. In addition, in order to provide users with a more comfortable service experience, consumers can choose the integrated service time for staff to come to remove the old and replace the old with the new, ensuring the efficiency of the implementation of the old for the new. This old-for-new model not only solves the problem of “difficulty in recycling” users’ old home appliances, but also allows new machines to be used immediately after purchase, saving time and effort. Once the activity started, it won the favor of many consumers.

  Comprehensively realize cross-category renewal:It is worth noting that, unlike previous traditional single-category renewals, Midea’s “cross-category renewals” have made consumers’ redemption choices more diversified and user-friendly, and old users can no longer worry about There are strict boundaries between “replacing old air conditioners with new air conditioners” and “replacing old TVs with new ones”. By forming a “green home appliance library”, Midea allows consumers to exchange “old home appliances” of different categories for the “new home appliances” they really need. It can be said that the one-stop replacement experience for all home appliances will be the key to Midea’s spring clothing refresh. A new value-for-money surprise for consumers.

  Buy home appliances and receive decoration:In addition to the trade-in of home appliances, in the home scene replacement process, consumers who purchase Midea home appliances can also enjoy gift packages such as turning rough houses into finely decorated houses in seconds, and renovating old houses with differentiated decoration services. Not only can new home appliances be smoothly integrated into new homes, It also goes a step further and delivers new home decoration directly to the door. The gift package content can include one-stop services such as partial renovation, door-to-door survey, design, and door-to-door storage according to the user’s needs.

  Free replacement for old users:In the development process of Midea, the support and companionship of the vast number of old users have always been the driving force for Midea to move forward. To this end, on the occasion of the grand launch of the spring fashion renewal season, Midea has specially launched the “Looking for Old Midea Users” campaign. Old users can enjoy the free replacement rights of the corresponding category after passing the platform’s review with the voucher for purchasing the old phone. This move is not only a sincere feedback for the long-term support of old users, but also Midea’s deep recognition and cherishment of user loyalty.

  Implement green strategies and contribute “beautiful wisdom” to green recycling

“Replacing old consumer goods with new ones” carries the dual mission of promoting investment and consumption, which is particularly important. Old home appliances not only consume huge amounts of energy and have significantly degraded performance, but also hide many safety hazards, seriously threatening the quality of life and safety of consumers. Against the macro background of my country’s active implementation of the dual-carbon policy, the energy efficiency upgrade of home appliances has become a key measure for energy conservation and emission reduction. This can not only significantly improve the user experience and effectively save residents’ daily electricity consumption, but also effectively avoid potential safety risks and contribute to social harmony and stability.

At the same time, on the basis of the old-for-new policy, the problem of home appliance recycling has become increasingly prominent and has become a new challenge that the industry needs to solve urgently. At present, the proportion of used household appliances in my country that are recycled through formal channels and environmentally friendly dismantling and recycling is only about 20%. This number is obviously low and reflects the shortcomings of the household appliance recycling system. Therefore, the home appliance industry urgently needs to promote large-scale recycling and unblock the resource recycling chain to promote the effective use of resources.

As a leading home appliance company, Midea Group officially released its “green strategy” in 2021, including the six pillars of “green design, green procurement, green manufacturing, green logistics, green recycling, and green services”. In the recycling of used household appliances, green recycling projects, as a part of the green strategy, form the “vein” of the entire product life cycle.

Midea’s green recycling and replacement system for the entire industry chain has covered all provinces and regions, major home appliance categories and is not limited to brands. It has fully integrated 100,000+ offline stores and 200,000+ service engineers to form Internet+ recycling, community recycling, old-for-new activity recycling, A mixed recycling system with multiple modes such as “delivering new, dismantling, installing new, and collecting old” one-stop service recycling, recycling at after-sales service outlets, recycling at distribution centers, etc., Midea has built a standardized industrial ecosystem for recycling, dismantling, and recycling. , thereby creating a green cycle system with traceable and manageable carbon footprints.

As the trade-in business in the field of home appliances becomes normalized and mainstream, Midea will continue to build a green recycling and replacement system for the entire industry chain and create a new ecology of green consumption around how to use green recycling to provide better support for the national dual-carbon strategy and consumer experience.


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