‘Prince of the seas’ caused bonito to become scarce!

‘Prince of the seas’ caused bonito to become scarce!

Hunting ban in the seas 1 September ended as of. The hope of fishermen who set out to sea this year ‘prince of the sea’ known as bluefish happened. However, last year’s bonito The intensity was not seen this year.

Fish shop tradesmen Cemal Kartalsaying that the reason for the lack of bonito this year is due to the abundance of bluefish, 450 lira per kilo of bluefishHe stated that it was sold from .

Anchovy, Horse mackerel, sea bream and seabass prices

at the fishhouse Anchovy is 100 TL, horse mackerel is 100 TL, sea bream is 200 TL and sea bass is 250 TL per kilo. selling. Stating that bluefish are abundant this year, Kartal said, “Last year, there were plenty of bonito, everyone ate them. But this year, there are no bonito. When bluefish are abundant, there are no bonito. Since bluefish is a stinging fish, it generally does not leave other fish around. The toothed fish misses the bonito. That’s why acorns are rare.” he said.


Stating that the abundance of acorns can occur every 3-4 years, Kartal said, “The abundance of acorns does not happen every year like last year. This abundance happens every 3-4 years. Millions of tons of acorns were caught last year. No one should think that this year the abundance of acorns will be the same as last year. But Fish will reproduce again, they will increase again, there will be abundance again after 4 years. We will eat bonito very little this year and at high prices. Blue fish is present now, but not very abundant.

We sold bluefish for 400 lira in the past months. Our people want the price of bluefish to be sold at a price of 200-250 lira, but the price does not drop that much. Currently, the price of bluefish has increased to around 450-500 lira. Our citizens should eat bluefish while they are available. “The price of bluefish may rise again in the future,” he said.

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