Protecting children’s health and achieving a wonderful future?? Xinhua Insurance’s “Healthy Growth Season” grandly opens

Protecting children’s health and achieving a wonderful future?? Xinhua Insurance’s “Healthy Growth Season” grandly opens


  With the advancement of the times and the evolution of social structure, the concept of family education is increasingly updated, and parents have placed higher expectations on the healthy growth of their children. Health is undoubtedly the most precious asset in a child’s growth.Xinhua Insurance closely follows the pulse of society, deeply understands parents’ deep concerns and eager expectations for their children’s health, continues to innovate and improve children’s health insurance products and services, and recently launchedIntroducing“Healthy Growth Season” children’s theme activities,By providing comprehensive and professional children’s insurance products and services, we protect the health and growth of children and build a solid protection barrier for them.

  In order to meet parents’ needs for children’s health protection, Xinhua Insurance strives to create a critical illness insurance product specially designed for children.——”Anlibao Children’s Critical Illness Insurance” (hereinafter referred to as “Anlibao”).This productwith lower premiumsProvide high-value, considerate critical illness protectionaiming to protect the healthy growth of children and protect family happiness.“Anlibao” has three major characteristics:

  Feature 1: Focus on health protection

  “Anlibao” provides comprehensive and multi-level disease protection, covering 188 kinds of diseases, with three levels of protection for mild, moderate and severe diseases. It also provides increased protection for specific diseases of teenagers to protect children’s healthy growth in an all-round way.

  Feature 2: Standing to protect thirty

  “Anlibao” protects the child until he or she is 30 years old.childhoodStanding at thirty, we will always accompany you, accurately guard the growth stage, and escort the growth journey all the way..

  Feature 3: Enjoy high cost performance

  “Anlibao” provides GundamProtection with a sum assured of millions,100The minimum annual premium for 10,000 insured amounts is only1270 yuan, high cost performance. In addition, this product can also be combined with lifelong critical illness, accidental medical treatment, etc. to provide children with comprehensive health protection.

  existDuring the “Healthy Growth Season” event, New China Insurance will invite authoritative experts to hold special lectures to provide parents with in-depth information on the prevention and treatment of common children’s diseases, the importance of balanced nutrition, and first aid measures in emergencies. At the same time, it also provides a series of considerate services such as special physical examinations for children and health rights cards. Let your exploration be without distractions and protect your dreams.

  New China Insurance will continue to upholdThe “people-centered” development philosophy is committed to serving the overall development of the country,With firm social responsibility, professional financial and insurance services, and strong collaborative development capabilities,Continuously innovate insurance products and services to provide more comprehensive and high-quality insurance protection for children and children, and actively contribute to their healthy growth and all-round development. the text“100The minimum annual premium for 10,000 insured amounts is only1,270 yuan” for a girl aged 0 years old, the annual premium is paid until she is 30 years old. 2.The company’s insurance liability must meet the terms and payment conditions stipulated in the insurance contract.


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