Published in the Official Gazette: Privatization in full swing!

Published in the Official Gazette: Privatization in full swing!

Privatizations, which have become an important element of the AKP government’s long-standing search for new money, which dragged the economy into crisis, continue at full speed. Yesterday’s Official Gazette was also full of such decisions.

Accordingly, with the presidential decisions, the tender results for the sale of four properties in Ankara, two each in Bursa and Istanbul and three in Muş were approved, while five properties in Istanbul, five in Izmir, three in Ankara, two in Antalya and two in Bursa were approved. Development plan changes for 24 properties in 12 provinces, one each in Çanakkale, Edirne, Erzurum, Karaman, Kırşehir, Iğdır and Nevşehir, were also approved. While the total size of the real estate approved for sale was 152 thousand 165 square meters, the sales price exceeded 1 billion 414 million liras. In this context, the most valuable real estate was a 24 thousand 172 square meter place sold for 740 million lira in Dikmen in Ankara’s Çankaya district.

When we look at the locations of the properties where zoning changes are made, it is seen that the areas that will generate significant income come to the fore.


In this context, the new commercial residential area in Ankara Çayyolu, the commercial-tourism-residential area in Antalya Kemerağzı, the industrial facility area in Bursa Kurtuluş, the mass workplace area in Edirne Demirtaş, the development residential area in Istanbul Kemerburgaz, the development housing area in İzmir Alaçatı. development residential area, commercial-residential area in Nevşehir Evler stands out. In addition, most of the real estate sold and whose zoning has been changed are registered in the name of the Treasury. In addition, there are also immovable properties registered with Sümer Holding and TEDAŞ. On the other hand, according to the Presidency’s 2024 program, the realization estimate for 2023 privatization revenue was 12 billion lira. The privatization revenue estimate budgeted for 2024 was determined as 25 billion lira.

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