Putin called the use of the dollar in foreign policy struggle a mistake for the United States

Putin called the use of the dollar in foreign policy struggle a mistake for the United States

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in an interview with American journalist Tucker Carlson, said that using the dollar as one of the instruments of foreign policy struggle was a big mistake of the US political leadership.

“The dollar is the foundation of US power. I think everyone understands this perfectly. No matter how many dollars you print, they fly all over the world. Once the political leadership decided to use the dollar as a political tool, they attacked American power. I don’t want to use any unliterary expressions, but this is stupidity and a huge mistake,” said Mr. Putin.

The Russian President stressed that among US allies there has recently been a sharp decline in dollar reserves. Vladimir Putin believes that this happened due to the fact that the countries of the world are all monitoring the events taking place in the world and trying to protect themselves. In addition, according to him, the United States is applying measures such as limiting payments and freezing funds in relation to some countries, which causes concern among the leaders of a number of states.

Vladimir Putin also criticized the US decision to limit dollar payments with Russia, noting that by doing so the United States dealt a blow to its own economy. “Why did the United States do this? I can only attribute this to arrogance. They probably thought that everything would collapse, but nothing collapsed. Moreover, look, other countries, including oil-producing countries, are starting to talk and are already doing, paying for the sale of oil in yuan. Do you understand that this is happening or not? Does anyone understand this in the United States? What are you doing? You are pruning yourself,” he added.

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