Putin will also be at the G20 with Meloni – WWN

Putin will also be at the G20 with Meloni – WWN

Half German government and half Italian government. To sign a pact between the two executives which was worth more a year of negotiations and which completes a triangle of European special relations that moves between three capitals: Paris, Berlin and Rome. The Action Plan that will be signed the day after tomorrow in the halls of the Chancellery will bring the level of cooperation between Italy and Germany at a much higher level, in all key sensitive sectors, from industry to energy, from defense to consultations on European policies. And it will close a cycle of already existing strategic relationships, with the recent one Treaty of the Quirinal between Italy and France and the most consolidated Treaty of Aachen between Germany and France.

For Giorgia Meloni it will be one doubly special day. Due to a coincidence of dates, in addition to the honor of concluding a very important intergovernmental agreement, I will participate from Berlin in the conference call conclusion of G20 to the Indian presidency: I will do it from the study of Chancellor Scholz, which will host it for the occasion, an event that risks overshadowing the Action Plan itself. In fact, both Vladimir Putin will participate in the remote meeting that Xi Jinping, and it goes without saying that at the last moment Joe Biden doesn’t decide to be present too. It is useless to describe the implications that a confrontation of this type, which will last at least an hour, could unleash, starting from conflict between Kiev and Moscow.

Together with Meloni, all members of the Italian government present, including the deputy prime minister and foreign minister, will have bilateral meetings with their counterparts (Antonio Tajani I will see both the Vice Chancellor, Robert Habeckwhich the Foreign Minister, Annalena Baerbock). From the Ministers of the Interior and Defense, Matteo Piantedosi and Guido Crosetto, to those of Economy and Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti (who will see Christian Lindner) And Adolfo Urso. But a focus will also be placed on the face to face that the Italian Prime Minister will have with the German Chancellor.

On the agenda there is certainly an attempt to get closer to a compromise on the new Stability Pacton which for now the distances between Rome and Berlin they are marked. There is a reconnaissance on the conflict between Israel and Hamason which the two governments have already coordinated their positions, and finally one also on the war in Ukraine. Scholz the only European leader that can take a dialogue with Putin, and has already declared himself available. What diplomats call a way out, an honorable solution for both sides of the war, to be part of the face to face away from the delegations.

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