Red meat stock market! It is sold at 3 different prices in Istanbul

Red meat stock market!  It is sold at 3 different prices in Istanbul

It is seen that the prices of meat varieties vary from district to district in the Meat and Milk Institution, markets and butchers.

The price per kilo of minced meat sold for 230 lira in the Meat and Milk Institution rose to 412 lira in some markets and 600 lira in butchers.

While minced meat was sold for 540 lira per kilo in Beylikdüzü, prices went up to 600 lira in Başakşehir.

Minced Meat is sold for 229 lira at the Meat and Milk Institution. Again, the price of cubed beef, which reached 570 liras in Beylikdüzü district, took its place on the counter at 620 liras in Başakşehir. The cubed meat was priced at 500 lira in the markets.

On the other hand, sausage sold for 299 lira at the Meat and Milk Institution is sold for 615 to 655 lira in markets and 555 lira at the butcher.

While the price of a chop is 380 lira per kilo in the Meat and Milk Institution, it varies between 600 and 800 lira in the market.

Chops are sold in butchers for between 830 and 1100 liras.


With the increasing meat prices, citizens formed long queues in front of the Meat and Milk Institution because the prices were more affordable.

Speaking about the prices, Mustafa Tuzcuoğlu said, “This place is affordable, but I came at 05.00, it is now 10.00. I have been waiting for 5-6 hours for 1 kilo of minced meat. It is sold at the butcher for 600-700 liras. I can buy 100 grams from there at most. 100 grams of minced meat will be enough for anyone. “My population in my house is 4 people.” said.

Butcher Savaş Üzek, who expressed that he was disturbed by the increase in prices, attributed the prices varying between districts to the rental prices in the region.


Speaking about the increase in meat prices, Veysel Günal, Regional Deputy Chairman of the Turkish Federation of Butchers, Breeders, Meat and Meat Products, Tradesmen and Craftsmen, said:

“Recently, within 1-2 months, whatever happened to meat, the price increases suddenly came one after the other. While the carcass was used for 260 liras, it became 290. It was 310, now it is 325. The product with the highest price increase was lamb. It’s going crazy. Lamb became 450 liras.” Butchers will sell it for 550. The buyer is right, the seller is right. So, how will the citizen eat? It is a shame, it is a sin. They should take their hands off this citizen. 3-5 companies are speculating. Do not cut it, the calf will be 300, it will be 320. Today, the price of meat is 500 lira. . Meat and lamb are currently competing. Thank God, chicken has remained at the same price. If chicken also rises, it is a sin for the citizens. The carcass you buy for 330 liras costs you 460-470 liras. So, what do we foresee? We want the price to fall and our citizens to eat meat. Mr. Tarım “Our minister inspected large farms. We have enough animals.”

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